Keeping your part of the IoT safe

The Internet of Things is vast, complex, and filled with risk – but network security can simplify it

22 Jan 2020 min read

Answers to key questions on massive Telnet IoT data leak

Avast expert explains what consumers should know about the leak of a half-million security credentials for servers, home routers, and smart devices

21 Jan 2020 min read

Latest Ring hack shows families need better IoT security

Family security expert Leena Elias urges a variety of security measures, including a network solution like the Avast Omni

17 Dec 2019 min read

Domestic violence expert looks at threats and possibilities of IoT

Erica Olsen of the National Network to End Domestic Violence sees how abusers can manipulate devices, but also how victims can empower themselves

2 Dec 2019 min read

Five things to know about smart speakers for the holidays

Millions of people will get an Alexa, Google Home, or Apple smart speaker for the holidays – help them ensure secure practices from the start

20 Nov 2019 min read

Get a sneak peek at the hottest gadgets coming to CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is almost here, and you can get a glimpse now at a robot dog, a digital nurse, and the Avast Omni

15 Nov 2019 min read

Avast opens Internet of Things Lab

Dozens of devices, More than 6 kilometers of cables, and a Faraday Cage give researchers a new place to crack open the IoT

8 Nov 2019 min read

MedusaLocker ransomware freezes files around the world

Plus, authorities bust a €10M BEC scam, hackers prove that Alexa and Google Home are vulnerable, and a cybercrook who compromised the Superior Court system gets sentenced.

25 Oct 2019 min read

A primer on the promise and pitfalls of the Internet of Things

Granular behavior profiling paves the way for new digital lifestyles – and creates big privacy and security questions

12 Sep 2019 min read

Avast discovers widespread security flaws in GPS child trackers

Researchers warn consumers about vulnerabilities affecting nearly 30 models for sale on large online retailers

5 Sep 2019 min read

The internet’s first thing – John Romkey’s ‘smart’ toaster

He knew it was ridiculous – but also realized putting devices online was opening up a whole new world

3 Sep 2019 min read

The world of IoT: Avast and Stanford research 83 million devices globally

Scan of 16 million homes worldwide shows many consumers still use manufacturer passwords that come with devices

13 Aug 2019 min read

Can legislation make smart devices secure?

The temptation is to say yes, but the reality may be different

10 Jul 2019 min read