Could a post-pandemic tech industry finally center women?

It’s time to make moves that center the experiences of women in ways we haven’t seen before

25 Nov 2021 min read

7 lessons about gender roles that tech can learn from The Office

Right now, we have an opportunity to make big changes at work. Why not learn lessons from America’s worst boss on how to make the workplace better for everyone?

12 Nov 2021 min read

To have more women in senior leadership, we need to walk the talk

Although there are more women in tech than before, there are still not many women in senior leadership positions — here's how we can change that

30 Sep 2021 min read

National Diversity Awards: Championing those that champion others

Fighting alongside global citizens for a more equitable and inclusive digital future

21 Sep 2021 min read

Startup culture was boy culture. Can we ever grow up?

Can we finally create the workplace utopia we’ve been promising since the first tech wave?

13 Sep 2021 min read

The pandemic has pushed working moms to a breaking point

A look at how Covid-19 has made the "second shift" harder for working parents

30 Aug 2021 min read

Avast celebrates Pride Month

Exploring the importance of ERGs, allyship, and the trials and tribulations of coming out at work

30 Jun 2021 min read

Czechitas and Avast help women make their future in IT a reality

How we’re inspiring, educating and strengthening diversity and competitiveness within IT

24 May 2021 min read
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