Smart Life for your customers’ new home office and WFH lifestyle

Leena Elias 20 May 2020

Learn how Avast Smart Life can improve your customers’ WFH life

Today, countries around the world are fighting an unprecedented health and economic crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has put strain on people from all walks of life. We would like to preface this article with our sympathies towards those affected, and we are deeply committed to supporting communities around the world that are impacted by the pandemic. Learn more about our commitment

For companies that are fortunate to have the ability to continue operations remotely, their employees are adapting to their new home offices. Employees are trying to find routine and rhythm in their new environment. As work and play hours blend together and bleed into all hours of the day, employees (and managers) seek a healthy balance between work and play, especially true for those with children at home.

No one can accurately predict when corporate life will go back to normal. Until then, home offices will prevail and WFH employees will have to continue adapting to this new normal. Smart Life can help build better digital habits for adults and children alike, while ensuring security of home networks and its connected devices. 


As work life resumes from the home network, there is added corporate risk for lost or stolen files. Home networks are filled with vulnerabilities both at the router level and in typical household connected devices. Despite end-point security solutions for corporate devices, hackers can initiate an attack through another vulnerable device on the home network to access routers and steal data being transmitted. 

Avast Smart Life comes packed with our AI-based network security functionality. By implementing a small firmware layer directly onto routers or through a hardware attachment to the router, Smart Life takes a digital fingerprint of each individual device on a network. From there, we monitor each connection for any abnormalities and shut down attacks before they spread further into the network. 

Additionally, Smart Life works semi-synchronously by bifurcating the connection at the router, sending a data stream onto the Internet and the other to the Avast cloud servers. This innovation allows us to analyze traffic data without being a bottleneck in the system. In most cases, the analysis is returned faster than the network response, creating no impact to user latency. 

Digital Well-Being

When it’s as easy to roll out of bed to attend a meeting as it is to roll back in to watch Netflix, consumers can benefit from Smart Life’s robust set of digital well-being features. Consumers can limit data access for specific devices, domains, apps, and more all through one simple mobile app. 

Smart Life allows you to build a fixed schedule when your Smart TV can connect to the internet or when the laptop can access Pre-setting these schedules can help bring back some routine into the lives of WFH employees. 

These features are also exceptionally useful for parents looking to help their children stay focused on their education while at home. Furthermore, parents can also ensure that their children are not accessing any inappropriate or harmful content online with our parental control features.

Partnering with Avast

Avast has over 15 years of experience working with global network operators to provide leading security and family solutions. We work closely with partners to integrate directly into their networks and offer GTM support to ensure product success. 

Smart Life, an award-winning AI-powered solution, brings together security, privacy, and digital wellness for operators to provide to their customers. It is built on a flexible platform allowing us to work with both broadband and mobile network providers.

  • Broadband operators can integrate our firmware directly onto their routers, allowing customers to simply sign-up for our service
  • Mobile operators can either offer a hardware extension at the router level or integrate Smart Life as a virtual networking function in their 5G environment

To learn more about Smart Life or how Avast can keep your customers safe, visit

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