Introducing Avast Business: Optimized Security for SMBs and Service Providers

Kevin Chapman, 6 Sep 2017
Kevin Chapman, 6 Sep 2017

We combined the best of both Avast and AVG to create a consolidated set of powerful security solutions and services for businesses.




Today, I have the great honor to introduce Avast Business, the combination of the best of AVG and Avast. Since last year, our focus has been on combining the best of both business product portfolios, partner programs, tools, and systems to eliminate the complexity around protecting businesses, while delivering the most powerful security engine on the market.

And we’ve done it.

We now have one portfolio of security tools and resources, consolidated under a unified Avast Business brand. Our products not only provide powerful solutions that help small and medium businesses (SMBs) prevent security breaches and combat cybercrime—and the damage that results—but our newly integrated systems make doing business with us even easier.

A new measure of security for a new era of cybercrime

The Avast Business security engine is powered by the largest and most advanced global threat detection network in the world. To detect and stop threats in real time, we use advanced technology and streaming data from our 400+ million users, which gives us unprecedented insight into the lifecycle of cybersecurity attacks and enables us to deliver the most comprehensive protection on the market.

Award-winning endpoint protection to complete network monitoring and management

Today, we are delivering a complete portfolio of security products and services that provide the advanced threat protection needed to secure today’s IT environments and ensure business continuity. The portfolio includes:

  • Avast Business Endpoint Protection Solutions for SMBs. Our new endpoint protection solutions go beyond basic antivirus to provide our strongest, most flexible business security protection to date. There are three tiers of protection:
    • Avast Business Antivirus. A full-featured antivirus solution to protect against malware, viruses, and other online threats.
    • Avast Business Antivirus Pro. Includes all of the above plus additional data protection capabilities, such as secure servers, permanent file deletion, and third-party software updating.
    • Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus. Includes antivirus, data protection, and identity protection capabilities, such as secure connections and password management.
  • Avast Business Managed Services Solutions for Service Providers. Our managed services solutions help our channel partners deliver remote security services and network management to their customers, giving them peace of mind in a changing threat landscape while growing their business.

    • CloudCare. A managed protection solution that makes it significantly faster and easier for service providers to monitor threats, resolve issues, and deliver multiple layers of protection to their customers.
    • Managed Workplace. A full-stack, remote monitoring and management platform with its own native security engine that allows MSPs to quickly assess, secure, and monitor their SMB customers.

Global partner program

Our partners are integral to our success and it’s important that we make it easy and profitable for our channel to do business with us. We have merged the AVG and Avast partner programs into one, which not only simplifies business processes, but ensures that all partners have access to the same benefits, training, and loyalty rewards.

Learn more at our new Avast Business website and visit our new Partner Portal to read about these new products and see our updated resources for business customers and channel partners. Stay tuned for more updates, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for upcoming press coverage.