Garry on Lockdown – Episode 5

Malea Lamb-Hall 9 Sep 2020

It’s the “cancel culture” episode, where Garry is joined by author Thomas Chatterton Williams to discuss today’s furor over free speech

When he was younger and still living in the USSR, a dark joke was uttered cautiously amongst Garry and his friends – sure, the United States and the Soviet Union both offered freedom of speech to their citizens, but it was only the U.S. that offered freedom after speech.

In his 5th episode of “Garry on Lockdown,” Avast Security Ambassador and Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov addresses the “cancel culture” trend, an unofficial movement where it is accepted to pretend certain aspects of our society do not exist, as though Thanos just snapped them away with the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Garry reminds us that certain governments want to control the flow of information, so they promote “cancel culture” as a giant step toward limiting free speech. Pretending that particular things don’t exist can warp one’s perception of reality and eliminate important talking points. “If you’re afraid of speaking your mind, how does your mind ever change?” Garry asks.

So how do we stop this collective intellectual stagnation? Author and culture critic Thomas Chatterton Williams, who wrote the heavily discussed open letter about free speech that was signed by Garry and others and published in Harper’s Magazine, joins Garry to discuss possible solutions and the importance of being an “anti-canceler.”

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