Avast scores 100% in Windows antivirus endpoint protection test

Greg Mosher 1 Mar 2018

Independent lab AV-TEST gives Avast Business Antivirus high marks for protecting Windows 7 systems.

The independent IT-security institute AV-TEST ran a study this past November and December on fifteen leading brand products that protect Windows-based businesses. The unbiased lab always makes sure to test the software in its most updated default version, to most closely mimic the experience a typical user would have with it. They design the tests to be as realistic as possible, using real-world threats. All products are evaluated on protection, performance, and usability. Avast Business Antivirus scored high in all categories, notably blocking 100% of all the zero-day malware threats used in the study.  


To gauge effective protection against real-world threats, AV-TEST launched 185 samples of zero-day malware on the Avast-protected test computer, and the software detected and blocked 100% of those samples. Keeping the test environment relevant, they also hit this test computer with 10,684 samples of malware discovered only in the previous four weeks. Of these samples, Avast Business Antivirus detected 99.9% in November and 100% in December, earning Avast a perfect score on that portion of the study.


To examine performance impact, the tests repeatedly executed everyday actions while the cybersecurity software is active to see if there is any perceived slowdown. These actions include launching websites and apps, downloading and installing software, and copying files. To further identify performance lag, these tests are conducted on both a standard PC and a high-performance PC. Avast Business Antivirus scored above average in this section with a 5.5 out of 6.


This can be a subjective topic, as something difficult for one person can be easy and intuitive for another. AV-TEST resolves the matter by assessing the distractions the user would experience in terms of false positive alerts, i.e. time wasters. They look for false warnings/blockages when visiting websites, false detections and warnings on legitimate software, and false blockages of actions when using legitimate software. Out of over a million samples used, Avast Business Antivirus only had 5 false positives, earning another above average grade of 5.5 out of 6.

View the full AV-TEST results here.

There are plenty of options to protect your business, but only one defends the digital world of over 400 million users with one of the largest cybersecurity networks on the planet. We always look forward to seeing (and sharing) these independent tests on our software, because they prove how passionate and committed we are to providing the greatest cybersecurity in the world. Read more on the AV-TEST results, and protect your business with our certified endpoint protection software, Avast Business Antivirus.

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