Avast Mobile Security for Android put to the test

Charlotte Empey 22 May 2018

Independent lab AV-TEST gives perfect score to Avast Mobile Security.

Cybercriminals have caught on. Our mobile devices are where it’s at. Personal info, bank accounts, passwords, important contacts — all this data is on our phones. And data today is more valuable than gold, which makes smartphones the new motherload. Realizing “there’s gold in them thar cells!” the cyber-underground targeted devices more than ever over the past year.

A strong mobile antivirus is critical in today’s climate, particularly for Android devices. In March 2018, the independent IT security institute AV-TEST looked at 20 mobile security products for Android and evaluated the protection quality and usability for each. Avast Mobile Security was present and put through the paces, emerging triumphantly with the best score possible in both categories.


Protection Score

The lab launched over 6,300 samples of recent real-world malware at the Avast-protected device, and the security software detected more than 99.9%, exceeding industry average and earning Avast a perfect 6 out of 6 rating.

Usability Score

These inspections gauge the performance of the device while running the software, checking for compromised performance. The lab found Avast Mobile Security did not impact battery life, cause slowdowns, or generate too much traffic. Over 2,400 legitimate files were injected into the device to check for false positives, but Avast recognized each one and did not create any false alarms. These tests earned Avast another perfect 6 out of 6.



Extra features

The test report acknowledges the software’s additional security features such as anti-theft locking, call blocker, privacy advisor, and Wi-Fi security. More features mean a more multi-layered security system.

To learn more about the AV-TEST certification, and see all the details of the Android antivirus test, read the full AV-TEST Report.

To protect your own Android device with the next-gen cybersecurity that’s necessary in today’s digital world, download Avast Mobile Security today.

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