Here's what meaningful growth marketing can do for your business

Jarret Cuisinier 14 Aug 2020

Business success stories start with meaningful contextual marketing

Bringing new products to the market is an exciting time for both a business and its customers. However, it can also be daunting to unveil the curtains without a plan to properly promote and grow your new products among your customer base.

Answering the big questions about your customers on who they are, where they can be found, and how they can be reached can help you craft effective and thoughtful marketing. Being effective and thoughtful in your approach will help your customers appreciate the value your products can bring them-- in turn, boosting your products growth and ROI.

Why your products will win with contextual marketing

The success of your marketing campaigns can create a strong relationship between your products and its customers. However, to truly unlock the potential of powerful marketing, your marketing needs to be highly contextualized according to the particular needs, wants and challenges your customers have. Contextual marketing can enhance your customer’s overall experience and foster more long-term relationships with your business. Here are 5 reasons contextualized marketing will boost your product’s growth and your customers experience:

  • Targeted traffic can pinpoint your prospects when they’re going to make a purchasing decision-- enabling you to place an ad touchpoint in front of them during optimal times.

  • Personalized messaging enhances customer experience by strategically and timely positioning your product’s value against customer pain points. The goal here is not to spam customers with irrelevant messaging, but to build trust and confidence in your messaging by attending to them properly. For example, parents are likely to buy new devices for their children during the holidays and the start of the school year-- this may be a timely opportunity to share device protection services with them.

  • Full-funnel customer engagement creates an opportunity for you to maintain a meaningful relationship with your customers. Proper continued engagement with your customers increases chances of converting them to paid users and retaining them after they’ve converted. 

  • Cost effectiveness is rooted into contextual marketing. By only focusing on the marketing channels that create the most impact on your product’s growth and value for your customers, you can prevent ad fatigue and reduce the amount of investment needed to have a successful campaign-- expect to see efficient conversion rates and increased sales figures from targeted, personalized, and timely tactics.

Success stories rooted in effective contextual marketing

In a recent case study, Avast partnered with a network operator to launch a comprehensive suite of security solutions: Avast Smart Life, Avast Family Protection, and Avast Mobile Security

The success comes from a focused approach around engaging prospective paid subscribers on the proper contextual marketing channels. Avast and its partner honed in around the point of sale, using both web targeting and trained / retail care reps. As a result, each product saw a significant boost in paid subscriber growth over the course of three months:

  • Avast Smart Life: Up 22.5%
  • Avast Family Protection: Up 50.3%
  • Avast Mobile Security: Up 77.6%

In a separate case study, Avast partnered with a network operator to launch Avast Family Protection, which saw a 6x increase in total actuated users. The main drivers of success correlated with the following:

  • Motivated and well-equipped sales organization
  • Balance between an engaged and exhausted audience
  • Proper follow-up and engagement down the funnel to increase paid conversion and retention
  • Expansion of relevant marketing channels-- organic, retail, care, and digital

With over 30 years as a leader in cybersecurity, we at Avast know what it takes to protect customers from digital threats, keep their data private, and help them manage their digital wellness. Avast has protected millions of users through service provider partnerships and updated features to keep up with technological changes. 

Avast Smart Life brings together decades of award-winning security and AI-driven innovation to your customers and protect their devices however and wherever they connect, including IoT. 

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