The MSP Guide to Vertical Market Success: Spotlight on Education

Erik Preisser 4 Sep 2018

Our series on MSP success with vertical markets continues with a focus on the education sector.

Continuing the topic of MSP success through vertical market specialization, we have a new guide that explores the ways the education sector may be the perfect vertical. Several factors are important to consider when evaluating and choosing a vertical market, including growth and revenue potential, alignment with your own interests and business goals, and your current client mix and services portfolio. The education sector represents an important market for IT products and services, and our newest guide explains why it is an attractive target market for MSPs. It tackles the overall technology and security needs of educational organizations as well as the successful way to approach this market and add value.

Cybersecurity needs of educational organizations

Educational institutions are an attractive target to cybercriminals: the sector endures ten times more ransomware attacks than finance and three times more than healthcare. Furthermore, 13% of the higher education sector has been infected with ransomware. As cybercrime grows, security for educational institutions is critical. Schools in particular are susceptible to malware attacks, and in this guide we dive deeper into the reasons behind this phenomenon.

How MSPs can help

Schools need powerful, integrated protection that can be easily deployed to multiple endpoints and managed. They need to implement various products that each focus on a specific area of protection. For instance, they need to block unwanted traffic using firewalls, AV, scanning, and other active protection methods. Secondly, they will need to use passive protection methods such as intrusion detection systems. Lastly, they will have to use preventative protection methods that scan for potential security problems.

How to approach educational organizations

Knowledge and expertise about the education market are very important for MSPs who want to focus on this vertical. Our guide explains how budget, commitment to technology, influence and authority, and innovation are all important points to consider.

There are specific open-ended questions that encourage your potential customers to discuss  any issues and pain points. See how to best demonstrate value in this sector and win in the education vertical.  Learn these and more when you download the Avast MSP Guide to Vertical Market Success: Spotlight on Education.

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