A day in the life of your smartphone... tracking you

Learn how your smartphone tracks your steps through an average day, and how you can protect your data.

29 May 2019 min read

Time to give Mom “the talk” (about cybersecurity)

This Mother’s Day, tell Mom the truth… staying safe online isn’t so hard after all!

29 Apr 2019 min read

How secure is your smart home network?

See how your smart devices and personal Wi-Fi are vulnerable to hacks. Learn 3 easy ways to secure your home network.

22 Apr 2019 min read

WPA3 flaws bleed “dragonblood”

Hailed as the super-secure Wi-Fi standard, WPA3 is not as bulletproof as experts claimed.

12 Apr 2019 min read

Ever feel like you’re being watched?

A vacationing family were shocked to discover a hidden camera in their Airbnb — learn the traveler’s best defense against such sneakiness.

11 Apr 2019 min read

New Wi-Fi attack can crack your passwords

White hat hackers have discovered an easy way to crack passwords from routers with WPA2 security.

9 Aug 2018 min read

[UPDATED] Did you reboot your router yet? Make sure to do so and soon.

Many ignore everyday warnings, but this one from the FBI is one you should take seriously

18 Jun 2018 min read

Free advice for all you free agents

As working on the go becomes more common, here are the main security issues to keep in mind.

13 Jun 2018 min read

Worried about net neutrality? Consider a VPN.

The repeal of net neutrality laws gives your ISP more control over your internet. A good VPN will help you take that control back.

12 Feb 2018 min read

Traveler Protection Guide — how to stay safe away from home

Follow these tips to keep evil elves away from your data while you travel.

19 Dec 2017 min read

Home, sweet, home network

Now that everything’s connected to the internet, how secure is your home network?

1 Dec 2017 min read

WPA2 risks—your top 5 questions answered

With the industry standard for Wi-Fi security now flawed, you need to provide your own protection. Here’s how.

24 Oct 2017 min read

WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability demands efficient tools for securing business networks

Avast business product portfolio delivers VPNs, patch management, and security assessments to compromised Wi-Fi networks

20 Oct 2017 min read
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