AI can make you do what?!

Plus, Parler is back in action and the NCSC warns software developers of supply chain attacks

19 Feb 2021 min read

The FDA appoints its first medical device cybersecurity director

The FDA prioritizes medical device security with a plan for revamped cybersecurity guidance

16 Feb 2021 min read

Clubhouse: Security and privacy in the new social media app

Taking an in-depth look at the the trendy, invite-only audio chat platform

15 Feb 2021 min read

Safe Connections Act aims to end digital stalking

Plus, romance fraud surges and a ransomware attack targets the makers of Cyberpunk 2077

12 Feb 2021 min read

Dating is private, but it doesn't mean that your privacy is protected

Looking through dating apps and connected sex toys featured in Mozilla's *Privacy Not Included buyer's guide

11 Feb 2021 min read

Moving scams: A real-life cautionary tale

Scammers seek to manipulate the review system to trick even the most educated consumers

10 Feb 2021 min read

The risks of following deplatformed apps into the wilderness

Here's where Parler has ended up — learn the risks connected with using deplatformed apps that return to service

10 Feb 2021 min read

Police take down Emotet and help possible victims with new tactics

Taking the Emotet botnet away from cybercriminals and into the hands of law enforcement

27 Jan 2021 min read

What’s up with WhatsApp

Is now the time to move your messaging elsewhere?

18 Jan 2021 min read

Where do things stand with Covid-19 tracking apps?

Reviewing the current status and continuing development of prominent tracking apps

7 Jan 2021 min read

It's time to consider getting a Covid-19 vaccine passport for travel

These "passports" could prove to be a solution for travelers crossing borders, but they also come with their own set of challenges

6 Jan 2021 min read

The weirdest cybersecurity stories you haven't heard about

Including a thumb drive you put in your leg and using AI to impersonate a CEO

12 Jan 2020 min read

Is FaceApp safe? Clearing up confusion about the viral app

Pop stars, athletes, and millions of others posted photos of themselves edited with the app – but what are the much-publicized privacy risks?

19 Jul 2019 min read
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