Findings from Verizon's latest data breach report

This year's report records a rise in ransomware as well as a jump in social engineering-based breaches

18 May 2021 min read

What are FragAttacks?

How (and why) to better secure your Wi-Fi network

14 May 2021 min read

Colonial Pipeline reopens after ransomware attack

Plus, Clubhouse comes to Android and Amazon destroys counterfeit products

14 May 2021 min read

Can the airline industry recover?

Plus, new protections against ad tracking in the newest iOS and Trump launches his blog

7 May 2021 min read

How will advertisers respond to Apple’s latest privacy changes?

Digital ad vendors need to learn new ways to target campaigns

4 May 2021 min read

Patch your Macs against this attack

Plus, U.S. Congress introduces “The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act”

30 Apr 2021 min read

What Apple's iOS update means for digital privacy and identity

The new release addresses tracking and data privacy more than ever before

28 Apr 2021 min read

Understanding scraping in the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse data leaks

When it comes to your data, it’s best to remember that public is always public

27 Apr 2021 min read

Remembering Dan Kaminsky: Why everyone on the internet owes him thanks

Throughout his career, Dan chose the path that he felt would best protect both people and the internet

27 Apr 2021 min read

TikTok sued over data collection of children

Plus, Facebook introduced new audio features and spies attack on LinkedIn

23 Apr 2021 min read

SIM swapping: What it is and how to stop it

No matter the shape or size, compromising SIM cards is a relatively simple task

19 Apr 2021 min read

Facebook expands its Oversight Board scope

Plus, WhatsApp and Clubhouse face privacy issues and the FBI protects unsuspecting users by...hacking them?

16 Apr 2021 min read

New Microsoft Exchange patches that SMBs should apply immediately

Even if you needed to apply patches last month, you’ll need to do so again this month

14 Apr 2021 min read
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