Remembering Dan Kaminsky: Why everyone on the internet owes him thanks

Throughout his career, Dan chose the path that he felt would best protect both people and the internet

27 Apr 2021 min read

TikTok sued over data collection of children

Plus, Facebook introduced new audio features and spies attack on LinkedIn

23 Apr 2021 min read

SIM swapping: What it is and how to stop it

No matter the shape or size, compromising SIM cards is a relatively simple task

19 Apr 2021 min read

Facebook expands its Oversight Board scope

Plus, WhatsApp and Clubhouse face privacy issues and the FBI protects unsuspecting users by...hacking them?

16 Apr 2021 min read

New Microsoft Exchange patches that SMBs should apply immediately

Even if you needed to apply patches last month, you’ll need to do so again this month

14 Apr 2021 min read

Cyberattack targets EU institutions

Plus, Google launches a trial of its new ad targeting tech and hackers hide malware in a Call of Duty cheat

9 Apr 2021 min read

The Facebook data leak: What you should do today

Attackers have found ways to counter SMS-based codes, and their attacks are getting both easier and cheaper

7 Apr 2021 min read

A guide to NFTs

Breaking down the movers and shakers, platforms and primary components within the NFT ecosystem

2 Apr 2021 min read

Facebook developing Instagram app for kids under 13

Plus, Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sells for $2.9M, and you can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin

26 Mar 2021 min read

The rise of ransomware as a service

The RaaS model means that almost anyone can enter the market and leverage the coding prowess of others

25 Mar 2021 min read

Cybercrime complaints are up, according to the FBI's latest report

The 2020 Internet Crime Report results show that fraudsters are working overtime in multiple areas

22 Mar 2021 min read

Netflix tests password-sharing warning

Plus, the U.S. election-tampering report is declassified and Tinder adds a background check feature

19 Mar 2021 min read

Hackers breach 150,000 security cameras

Plus, Twitter sues the Texas Attorney General and T-Mobile announces it will share user data

12 Mar 2021 min read