The US government's move is changing the ransomware landscape

While the government has released cybersecurity requirements many times in the past, it's the first time we’ve seen them issued so quickly in response to a known attack

15 Jun 2021 min read

Colonial Pipeline hobbled by a single password

Colonial Pipeline CEO told the U.S. Senate that the massive ransomware attack that disrupted fuel shipments was caused by attackers stealing one password.

11 Jun 2021 min read

Reimagining staffing in the cybersecurity industry

As the cybersecurity workforce shortage persists, it's time to assess what is and is not working in staffing practices

7 Jun 2021 min read

Update your Mac to prevent sneaky screenshots

Apple’s Big Sur 11.4 patches a security flaw that could be exploited to take screenshots, record audio and video, and access files on someone else’s Mac without their knowing.

28 May 2021 min read

Insurer against ransom payments gets hit with ransomware

Avaddon ransomware group targeted Asia-based insurer AXA with DDoS attacks and ransomware just a week after the insurance company announced it was dropping support for ransomware payments in France.

21 May 2021 min read

Can AI tell your age?

While social justice issues involving algorithms receive attention, there's little discussion around ageist algorithmic bias

19 May 2021 min read

It took a pandemic to make QR codes relevant

Everything changed for QR codes when Covid-19 shut down the restaurant industry in early 2020

18 May 2021 min read

Findings from Verizon's latest data breach report

This year's report records a rise in ransomware as well as a jump in social engineering-based breaches

18 May 2021 min read

What are FragAttacks?

How (and why) to better secure your Wi-Fi network

14 May 2021 min read

Colonial Pipeline reopens after ransomware attack

Plus, Clubhouse comes to Android and Amazon destroys counterfeit products

14 May 2021 min read

Can the airline industry recover?

Plus, new protections against ad tracking in the newest iOS and Trump launches his blog

7 May 2021 min read

How will advertisers respond to Apple’s latest privacy changes?

Digital ad vendors need to learn new ways to target campaigns

4 May 2021 min read

Patch your Macs against this attack

Plus, U.S. Congress introduces “The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act”

30 Apr 2021 min read