Keeping technology safe for all: The ongoing fight against stalkerware

Taking a look at the Coalition Against Stalkerware's ongoing work and achievements to date

26 Nov 2021 min read

10 fundamental rights for crypto users

Plus, a new parking app wants to track your browser activity and a new iMessage feature safeguards kids

19 Nov 2021 min read

Robinhood was hacked and extorted

Plus, ransomware locks up the UK Labour party and Xfinity Comcast mysteriously goes down

12 Nov 2021 min read

Facebook shuts down facial recognition

Plus, scan your eyes for Worldcoin, and watch what you rent on Craigslist

5 Nov 2021 min read

In 2022, it's predicted that employees will demand remote work

Plus, Cookie Theft allows easy YouTube takeovers, and the FBI warns the public of unemployment scams

29 Oct 2021 min read

Understanding what caused the Facebook outage

While situations like this are frustrating, they don’t represent a danger to you or your data

22 Oct 2021 min read

Offline Covid-19 vaccine passport strands travelers

Plus, the CryptoRom scam hits dating sites and AI is used to steal $35M

22 Oct 2021 min read

The worst celebrity hacks

From Lady Gaga to Barack Obama and intimate photo leaks to Bitcoin scams, celebrities are big targets for hacking

21 Oct 2021 min read

Think your kid is always online? You might want to talk to Grandma

Living apart from family could lead older people to use technology more than younger people to connect, as they aren’t seeing their family members and friends daily

20 Oct 2021 min read

Here are the top 10 IoT devices reported by domestic abuse victims

Research by Avast and Refuge reveals hidden home dangers

19 Oct 2021 min read

Older generations shouldn't fear being a digital burden

Older Americans seek independence and confidence online but often lack the tools or knowledge to feel secure and keep their information private

18 Oct 2021 min read

Google pulls ads for stalkerware

Plus, the CIA invests in Wickr and Singapore rolls out some robots

15 Oct 2021 min read

Facebook outage: How to prevent your own network failures

To prevent a colossal outage in your own network, get serious about DNS protection

8 Oct 2021 min read
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