T-Mobile data breach affects millions

These days, internet users are suffering from ever-present data breaches in which their data is accessed by unauthorized parties

25 Aug 2021 min read

Here's how hackers can steal your data using light, radio, and sound waves

Exploiting air gaps allows bad actors to extract information using unexpected methods

20 Aug 2021 min read

Memorial Health System recovers from ransomware

Plus, Twitter introduces a new tool, and a secret terrorist watchlist with 1.9 million records appears online

20 Aug 2021 min read

Glowworm attack decrypts sound from light

Plus, a hacker steals and returns $600 million, and botnets are targeting some home Wi-Fi routers

13 Aug 2021 min read

Cyber fraud now targeting professional channels

Watch your work-related email and social personas closely

9 Aug 2021 min read

Attackers hijack Chipotle email marketing account

Plus, the U.S. Senate calls out federal agencies for weak security and ransomware attackers launch their newest scam by phone

6 Aug 2021 min read

Garry on Lockdown – Episode 8: Ransomware takes center stage

Garry Kasparov explores the growing role of ransomware in today's digital landscape and talks tech and geopolitics with New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth

5 Aug 2021 min read

Clubhouse is now open to everyone

Plus, Google unveils a new bug bounty platform and the Pegasus Project discovers spyware in widespread use

30 Jul 2021 min read

An Ugly Truth: A book review

Deeper dives into recent political events and misinformation frame the debate over the role that Facebook should play in our society

29 Jul 2021 min read

Beware of crypto exchange scams

Steering clear of these scams might seem easy, but the tactics of modern-day scammers should not be underestimated

29 Jul 2021 min read

How the National Guard trains its cyber soldiers

From simulated ransomware attacks to SQL injections, the activities at Cyber Shield 21 busted some of my myths about the military

28 Jul 2021 min read

Here's how Apple's "Hide My Email" feature works

The feature allows you to take full advantage of a company’s services without having to share your email address

26 Jul 2021 min read

Instagram gives users Sensitive Content Control

Plus, hackers bypass Windows Hello, and Venmo finally ditches that global social feed

23 Jul 2021 min read