Enhancing threat intelligence using new STIX and TAXII standards

The latest round of both standards have been implemented by numerous vendors, including Avast

12 Jul 2021 min read

What to do about the Kaseya and PrintNightmare vulnerabilities

Here are three clear steps to help keep yourself and your businesses as safe as possible

9 Jul 2021 min read

Twitter considers new security features

Plus, Avast detects malware in Mongolia, and Trump’s new site gets hacked on day one

9 Jul 2021 min read

Dealing with data brokers

My recent experience highlights the fact that we don’t have control over our personal data

6 Jul 2021 min read

U.S. senator exposes data purchases

Plus, 700 million LinkedIn profiles get their data scraped, and a new report on facial recognition shows little accountability

2 Jul 2021 min read

Video: Fighting unpredictable existential threats

How can we prepare for threats we don’t even know exist yet?

30 Jun 2021 min read

Privacy advocates say “no” to eproctoring

Plus, the US and EU team up against ransomware, and the right to repair

25 Jun 2021 min read

How to protect yourself from the biggest password leak ever

Now's the perfect time to update your passwords and turn on MFA

21 Jun 2021 min read

iOS 15 helps normalize digital IDs

Plus, Android gets some new safety features and a single configuration error takes down websites around the world

18 Jun 2021 min read

The US government's move is changing the ransomware landscape

While the government has released cybersecurity requirements many times in the past, it's the first time we’ve seen them issued so quickly in response to a known attack

15 Jun 2021 min read

Colonial Pipeline hobbled by a single password

Colonial Pipeline CEO told the U.S. Senate that the massive ransomware attack that disrupted fuel shipments was caused by attackers stealing one password.

11 Jun 2021 min read

Reimagining staffing in the cybersecurity industry

As the cybersecurity workforce shortage persists, it's time to assess what is and is not working in staffing practices

7 Jun 2021 min read

Update your Mac to prevent sneaky screenshots

Apple’s Big Sur 11.4 patches a security flaw that could be exploited to take screenshots, record audio and video, and access files on someone else’s Mac without their knowing.

28 May 2021 min read