Insurer against ransom payments gets hit with ransomware

Avaddon ransomware group targeted Asia-based insurer AXA with DDoS attacks and ransomware just a week after the insurance company announced it was dropping support for ransomware payments in France.

21 May 2021 min read

MedusaLocker ransomware freezes files around the world

Plus, authorities bust a €10M BEC scam, hackers prove that Alexa and Google Home are vulnerable, and a cybercrook who compromised the Superior Court system gets sentenced.

25 Oct 2019 min read

U.S. sanctions North Korean hackers behind WannaCry

Can threats to freeze assets be effective against groups backed by a foreign government?

14 Sep 2019 min read

419M Facebook user records leaked in data breach

Plus, ransomware hits yet another NY school district, a phishing scheme uses hacked SharePoint accounts, and a unique RAT targets Brazilian Android users.

6 Sep 2019 min read

How ransomware rose to become an enduring scourge

Poorly defended cities are getting devastated by cyber blackmail shutdowns; companies relying on MSPs likely are the next big targets

6 Aug 2019 min read

Ransomware strain Troldesh spikes again – Avast tracks new attacks

Avast software has blocked more than 100,000 attacks by the ransomware strain this year, and recently shows the highest prevalence of it since January

25 Jun 2019 min read

Small Florida city pays ransomware hackers $600,000

Riviera Beach officials felt they had no choice but to pay a huge ransom to recover data – many experts disagree

22 Jun 2019 min read

The Supply Chain; aka the Hacker Food Chain

Could you be the weak link for hackers?

13 May 2019 min read

Cyber-extortion is spreading

Users are pressured to pay up or get hit by WannaCry ransomware and a DDoS attack. Don’t fall for this extortion email scam this tax season.

11 Apr 2019 min read

Web threats affecting SMBs in 2019

Learn more about how web threats are evolving and becoming more intelligent.

10 Apr 2019 min read

Winter is malware-infected, and more news of the week

Beware Game of Thrones pirated episodes and a new malware called Xwo, Georgia Tech students are exposed in a breach, and AriZona Iced Tea suffers a steep cyberattack.

5 Apr 2019 min read

Your kids’ info for sale and more news

Children’s personal data is the new holy grail of identity theft, one extreme PewDiePie fan creates strange ransomware, and UC Browser apps have weak security.

29 Mar 2019 min read

ICE under fire, SimBad the epic malware, and more weekly news

The ACLU accuses ICE of skirting the law, over 200 malware-infected Android apps are discovered, a bank bot gets a major evil upgrade, and more.

15 Mar 2019 min read