Fall back...into some good digital health habits

Reinvent DST Habits: Use “fall back” and “spring forward” moments to not only check smoke detectors and flip mattresses but also strengthen your digital habits by securing passwords, maintaining software, and decluttering your digital files.

14 Nov 2023 min read

What really happens when you get doxxed

The term doxxed is thrown around a lot online. But do you really know what it means?

11 Oct 2023 min read

When kids fly the nest, secure your digital nest eggs

When kids leave home, they likely keep the keys to the house. They also might keep information and access that’s better kept under your roof.

29 Aug 2023 min read

Are my apps spying on me? A paranoid’s guide to digital life

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't watching you. Here's the answer to that age-old question: Are my apps spying on me?

31 Jul 2023 min read

Can TSA search your phone? Know your digital rights at the airport

TSA can make you take off your shoes, but you might be surprised at the answer to the question: Can TSA search my phone?

25 Jul 2023 min read

Is your online date Googling you?

Research related to online dating underscores the importance of conscious digital sharing.

14 Feb 2023 min read

Is ChatGPT's use of people’s data even legal?

Currently, there is no widely accepted method for individuals to request the removal of their data from a machine learning model once it has been used to train the model.

1 Feb 2023 min read

The Oura Ring is the privacy-protecting fitness tracker you need this new year

The Oura’s main focus is on my “readiness,” which they determine by combining information about my heart rate, body temperature, activity information, and sleep data.

29 Dec 2022 min read

What does your Apple Watch know about you?

Apple's commitment to privacy is really important as we agree to provide the company with more and more of our personal info.

22 Dec 2022 min read

An update on international data privacy protection

There are seven common principles that were adopted, all in the interest of serving to the free flow of data across country borders and promoting trust between citizens and their governments.

22 Dec 2022 min read

Here's what your Ring doorbell knows about you

More often than not, great convenience comes with great privacy implications.

21 Dec 2022 min read

Nearly half of UK adults don’t know their browsing history is visible to third parties

Our recent research shows that there’s a lack of knowledge when it comes to third parties accessing our search history and how this information is used.

10 Oct 2022 min read

How license plate scanners challenge our data privacy

There's a massive amount of data in private hands and without sufficient controls by the government.

25 May 2022 min read
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