Tech support scams targeting seniors on the rise

Tech support scammers target older people because they believe them to be more trusting and they tend to be more financially secure than younger people.

20 Apr 2022 min read

Many of the world’s elders avoid the internet due to lack of support

Our survey participants give multiple reasons for not using the internet, and the majority believes that they don’t need it.

23 Feb 2022 min read

Protecting elders online: Q&A with NCOA's Ramsey Alwin

Here's why it’s more important than ever for cybersecurity companies to serve people of all ages

12 Nov 2021 min read

What would an online identity solution for my mom look like?

Older adults, just like all consumers, want digital solutions that are clear, uncluttered, and easy to navigate

11 Nov 2021 min read

Older generations shouldn't fear being a digital burden

Older Americans seek independence and confidence online but often lack the tools or knowledge to feel secure and keep their information private

18 Oct 2021 min read

Scammers who stole millions from elders indicted — how to protect yourself

For one of the first times ever, scammers who take advantage of elderly people facing the law

26 Aug 2021 min read

Avast Red Team’s top 5 security tips for your grandma

Calling all seniors and caretakers – learn to recognize and shut down these threats

2 Aug 2021 min read

Learn how to protect elders from tech support scams

Protect yourself and your loved ones from tech support scams

4 Jun 2021 min read

Can AI tell your age?

While social justice issues involving algorithms receive attention, there's little discussion around ageist algorithmic bias

19 May 2021 min read

Seniors' guide to social media privacy settings

For seniors using social media, ensure that you make the most of your security settings

3 May 2021 min read

How to protect your older loved ones from getting scammed online

With the right communication, you can empower them to take care of themselves

3 Mar 2021 min read

3 smart devices to improve elder care

These gadgets can assist in the ongoing care of your elderly family members

28 Jan 2021 min read

Tech can help us protect seniors (without them feeling old)

Smart tech provides seniors with added safety while preserving their independence

25 Jan 2021 min read
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