Women in tech: The groundbreaking career of video game pioneer Carol Shaw

Shaw is a key figure in the history of women in technology, and one who paved the way for so many other key women in the field of video game design. 

21 Mar 2023 min read

Discussing creativity, law, and bridging cultural differences with Avast’s Siew Lau

"For Avast, having a culturally diverse workforce provides in-house opportunities to understand aspects of a different culture and the way they prefer to do business."

5 Aug 2022 min read

Avast Pride

Diversity and inclusion is a big part of what makes Avast special. Here’s how we celebrated Pride Month.

11 Jul 2022 min read

If you were a queer girl in the 2000s, you were on LiveJournal

LiveJournal's popularity showed that there’s just something so human — so elemental — about the need to find and connect with like-minded people.

30 Jun 2022 min read

The secret gay history of the modern internet

The fact that GeoCities was created by a gay man is not a footnote. It’s a headline.

23 Jun 2022 min read

Transgender women found and created community in the 1980s internet

The utilization of BBSs by trans people in the 1980s and 1990s gives a glimpse into just how important the internet would prove to be for this historically marginalized community.

16 Jun 2022 min read

The Autism@IT Project

Avast celebrates World Autism Awareness Month with educational activities and our Autism@IT mentoring project.

28 Apr 2022 min read

A look back at IWD at Avast

All throughout March, we worked to #BreakTheBias with company events in honor of International Women’s Day.

7 Apr 2022 min read

How to get the most out of your tech mentorship

Mentors can play a multitude of roles in your life. The only thing you have to do in order to get all of those benefits? Take the first step. 

1 Apr 2022 min read

Breaking the Bias with Avast Senior AI Researcher Elnaz Babayeva

"Be an inspiration for future girls, encourage them to dream big and help women who struggle now. Break the bias.”

28 Mar 2022 min read

Celebrating exceptional women in tech at the 2022 everywoman Awards

The FDM everywoman in Technology Awards aims to push innovation forward and create a more hospitable environment for women who are interested in the tech field.

24 Mar 2022 min read

Top tips for women who want to succeed in tech

What can women who want to get into tech do to break into the field? Here are seven tips from two women who have been there.

8 Mar 2022 min read

Shane Ryan of the Avast Foundation talks diversity in the workplace

This Black History Month, we highlight the impressive work that our own Shane Ryan is doing and has done.

16 Feb 2022 min read
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