Learn how to protect elders from tech support scams

Protect yourself and your loved ones from tech support scams

4 Jun 2021 min read

Insurer against ransom payments gets hit with ransomware

Avaddon ransomware group targeted Asia-based insurer AXA with DDoS attacks and ransomware just a week after the insurance company announced it was dropping support for ransomware payments in France.

21 May 2021 min read

SMBs need to take immediate action on Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities

The Microsoft Exchange patches have led to exploitation of major vulnerabilities. What all small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to do immediately.

8 Mar 2021 min read

How to protect yourself from data breaches

From the latest data breaches to the biggest data breaches, our Data Breach Survival Guide has all the info you need

20 May 2020 min read

Protect your webcam from hackers with these 5 tips

Boost webcam security with these tips to keep spying eyes and listening ears away.

19 Nov 2019 min read

The much-publicized BlueKeep threat has finally emerged – why should you care?

The Microsoft vulnerability could become the next runaway cyberthreat, like 2017’s WannaCry

5 Nov 2019 min read

MedusaLocker ransomware freezes files around the world

Plus, authorities bust a €10M BEC scam, hackers prove that Alexa and Google Home are vulnerable, and a cybercrook who compromised the Superior Court system gets sentenced.

25 Oct 2019 min read

Avast fights off cyber-espionage attempt, Abiss

Avast deploys hardened self-defense and wider intelligence industry collaboration

21 Oct 2019 min read

Pulling back the curtain on a banking botnet

Security mistakes exposed a criminal syndicate that accessed millions of Euros in the bank accounts of an estimated 800,000 victims

2 Oct 2019 min read

Hackers set the pace in security

Criminals get a head start, but we can chase them down with laws, industry tools, and consumer protection

11 Sep 2019 min read

Critical flaw found in many Android smartphones

Android phones made by Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Sony have been found to have a major vulnerability.

5 Sep 2019 min read

Voice fraud scams company out of $243,000

Criminals used AI to impersonate the CEO’s voice, and it worked.

5 Sep 2019 min read

New Android ransomware spreads through contacts

Also, an email scam steals $1.7M from a North Carolina county; school is delayed due to malware; and that supposed sextortion video of you does not really exist

2 Aug 2019 min read