What is Nitro? Our newest, high-speed version of Avast Antivirus

Our customers said they wanted a lightweight Avast, so we happily introduce the Nitro Update to Avast Antivirus.

21 Jun 2016 min read

Windows 10 users need more protection than basic Defender

Windows 10 users need to have more antivirus protection than Defender offers. Avast runs in parallel to give you the highest level of security.

16 Jun 2016 min read

Avast Free Antivirus is top-rated free security software

Wondering if free antivirus protection is worth it? Avast Free Antivirus has nearly 100% malware detection rates with 0 false positives. We did better than pricey premium products! WooHoo!

25 May 2016 min read

Independent test shows Avast offers best HTTPS protection in the market

What is HTTPS scanning? Why is it necessary and why does it make sense if it seems to be adding security problems instead of protecting the user?

23 May 2016 min read

Avast Software Updater can help protect you from security loopholes, like the recent 7 Zip vulnerabilities

When vulnerabilities are found, it's the responsibility of software owners to patch them. However, these patches are useless, unless users update their software

19 May 2016 min read

Andromeda distributors craft new strategies for attacks

Most of popular botnet Andromeda’s distribution channels have been discovered and analyzed by antivirus vendors.

10 May 2016 min read

Fake mobile antivirus apps promise rainbows and safety forever

Fake antivirus apps use scare tactics and unrealistic promises to earn money.

24 Mar 2016 min read

In search of the perfect instruction

In search of the perfect instruction

16 Feb 2016 min read

AV-TEST rates Avast Free Antivirus 2016 as a top security product for Windows Home Users

AV-TEST rates Avast Free Antivirus 2016 as a top security product for Windows Home Users

26 Jan 2016 min read

Explaining Avast’s HTTPS scanning feature

Avast Web Shield scans HTTPS sites for malware and threats.

25 May 2015 min read

How to use the Avast Virus Chest

Isolate potentially harmful files from the rest of the operating system in the Avast Virus Chest.

19 Mar 2015 min read

Disable Avast messages, popups, and alerts

No one wants to be distrubed by a software notification when they're playing a game or giving a presentation. Learn how to disable messages, popups, and alerts in Avast.

22 Jan 2015 min read

How do I handle files that Avast can’t scan?

Some files cannot be scanned by Avast Antivirus. Find out why.

28 Feb 2014 min read