Windows 10 users need more protection than basic Defender

Deborah Salmi 16 Jun 2016

Windows 10 users need to have more antivirus protection than Defender offers. Avast runs in parallel to give you the highest level of security.

Using the right tool makes all the difference. Everyone knows that you need the right tool to do a job. When you cut down a tree, you don’t use a butter knife, you use a chainsaw. It you want to win a Formula 1 race, you don’t drive a riding lawnmower.

The same rule applies to your PC’s security.

You can’t go up against today’s online threats without the best protection. That’s why Windows 10 users need to install strong antivirus software to run in parallel with Microsoft’s pre-installed antivirus, Defender.

Why do I need to install antivirus protection when I already have Windows Defender?

Avast Free Antivirus provides significantly stronger protection than Windows Defender. By combining machine learning with massive data engines such as DeepScreen and Evo-gen with some of the smartest virus spotters in the world, we constantly double and triple check the latest threats to keep you safe. Avast users receive more than 200 streaming updates a day to keep them ahead of hackers. Windows Defender sends out 2 updates per day.

Third party testing agencies have proven that Avast protects better than Defender in various tests:

  • SE Labs awarded Avast with an AAA award, the highest rating for malware detection accuracy, while Windows Defender only got an AA rating in its Home Anti-Malware Protection Test of March 2016. (pdf) 
  • Avast received the 3-star Advanced+ rating for low impact on your PC’s system which keeps it running fast and smoothly, with a system impact of only 0.5. Windows Defender, with an impact of 15.7 points, received the 1-star Standard rating in AV-Comparative’s recent performance test.

Why does Avast recommend upgrading to Windows 10?

Our goal is to ensure that Avast users have the safest experience possible, and we believe that the Windows 10 operating system offers the most secure OS available. Together with Avast’s multi-platform sensor network, streaming updates, and proprietary big-data analytics, Windows 10 users will have the highest level of security needed to be protected from today’s threats.

Windows 10 employs methods to stop attackers from accessing your private data. Your identity is protected with features like Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport which simplify and enhance the security of user authentication. The Credential Guard feature, which uses virtualization-based security (VBS), helps protect Windows authentication subsystems and users’ credentials.

Free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends July 29th

Avast recommends that our users take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 before it expires July 29th. After July 29th, you’ll be able to get Windows 10 on a new device or purchase a full version of Windows 10 Home for $119.

Upgrade your PC or device now.

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