Rain Networks grows business 200% with Avast Business CloudCare

Michael Goode 21 May 2019

CloudCare helps its MSP clients gain competitive edge by delivering critical security services from one platform.

The Company

Rain Networks isn’t your average IT solutions distributor.  Starting operations in 2003, the Seattle-based company initially sold antivirus software solutions to vendors that were trying to build a North American presence.  Soon after, Rain Networks transitioned to its role today – a Value Added Distributor (VAD) specializing in cybersecurity solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).   

As Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Nathan Ware explains, “We bring very strong technical, operating, and sales knowledge of the VAR and MSP worlds, and this enables us to go beyond the traditional distributor role.  We onboard our MSP customers to the product platforms we sell and also help them market, sell, and manage the technology for their end users. Coupled with our laser focus on security, this gives us a special differentiation and helps us create long-lasting business relationships.”

Today, the company works with a base of more than 3,500 partners throughout North America.  

The Challenge

Ransomware and phishing are the biggest security concerns facing Rain Networks’ customers. With this in mind, the security solutions in the company’s product portfolio must meet specific criteria.

“As a cybersecurity-focused distributor with a specialty in anti-ransomware, we work primarily with vendors that have prioritized solutions that detect and block ransomware in their product portfolios,” he says. “We look for partners that offer enterprise-grade, easy-to-use solutions that can be delivered from one platform and include endpoint, email, anti-ransomware, and backup security services.”

The Solution

A long-time AVG-Avast reseller and now an Avast Business distributor, Rain Networks recently evaluated Avast Business CloudCare. The verdict?  CloudCare is now a critical solution in the Rain Networks distribution portfolio.

As Nathan explains, CloudCare exceeded the company’s criteria on many levels. “We chose Avast Business CloudCare because the solution provides strong endpoint, email, anti-ransomware, and backup security in one cloud platform. This alone sets CloudCare apart from the competition and coupled with an easy-to-use dashboard and licensing options that are easy to add or change, it’s a perfect fit for our customers.”

According to Nathan, he didn’t find these four elements offered by other endpoint security vendors. He adds, “With CloudCare’s management platform and range of advanced services, the solution is really ideal.”

Rain Networks is distributing CloudCare endpoint and network security services – Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus, Content Filtering, Cloud Backup, Remote IT Control, and Email Security that includes Antispam, Email Archive, Archiving Lite, and Encrypted Email.

“Our customers want to log in to one place to manage everything, which is the upside of CloudCare,” he adds. “The platform is easy to use, provides strong security, and our customers can manage their end-user clients from one place.”

CloudCare also gives Rain Networks an immediate competitive advantage. “We can target new resellers and MSPs and quickly displace solutions that don’t have CloudCare’s great combination of services or lack a feature-rich management console.”

The Results

For Nathan, CloudCare aligns well with Rain Network’s business model. “The Avast Business story is very compelling and our customers can identify with it,” he adds. “Avast has deep roots in threat protection and also recognizes that businesses need security that is easy to use. With CloudCare, our customers gain an enterprise-grade, all-in-one cloud platform to serve their clients efficiently and demonstrate value as security providers.”

Nathan estimates his team has already grown its customer base by 200%.  “We just brought on board seven new CloudCare customers and we’re targeting close to 1,000 other resellers that could benefit from CloudCare’s great range of security services and licensing model.”

The Avast Business account management also sealed the deal.  “Our account manager, Jessica Turner, is a strong component of our success. She provides a critical point of contact that helps us continue to move our business forward across all aspects.”

What’s next for the Rain Networks team?  The company has already started exploring the advantages of Avast Business Secure Web Gateway, the new cloud-based network security solution available through CloudCare.

Is it time to put Avast Business CloudCare to work for your clients and your bottom line? To experience it for yourself, download a free trial of CloudCare today.

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