Part I - Innovative MSPs expand to offer managed security

Sean Sykes 9 Nov 2017

Today’s business climate demands it. Here’s why.




If small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) were cars, IT service providers would be the mechanics. Their technical know-how keeps the company’s computer network—the engine—processing at peak performance and functioning with full force. But with the current high level of cybercrime, and the many ransomware variants, SMBs are more vulnerable than ever to serious downtime threats. To properly protect their SMB customers, this means adding managed security services.

An independent study last year by Ponemon Institute found that out of almost 600 SMBs interviewed, 50% reported they had experienced a data breach within the previous 12 months, and 55% reported they had suffered a cyberattack. Ransomware, spyware, trojans, worms—these are just some of the cyberthreats aimed at SMBs, and they can result in many hours of company downtime and lost revenue. Systems can be locked, users can be denied access to their devices, cloud data can be held for ransom, and any number of other undesirable situations could manifest. These types of attacks need to be blocked preemptively.

Some managed service providers (MSPs) have begun expanding their suite of services with cybersecurity solutions because, as cyberattacks increasingly make top stories in the news, they understand they need to take that evolutionary leap.

If you are an MSP, this is the perfect time to add cybersecurity to your roster. Easy-to-use tools are already available to make you the security expert that will give your clients peace of mind. This opens up a new revenue stream for you and puts you in the critical role of active security advisor to your clients. Learn more about the benefits of managed security services by downloading our white paper on the topic, and keep that company’s engine proactively humming with health.

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