The MSP Guide to Building Your Managed Security Services

Erik Preisser 12 Sep 2018

Part 1: Defining and Bundling Your Managed Security Services

Managed security services provide a great way to deliver the protection that today’s small and medium businesses (SMBs) require while providing an opportunity to differentiate and grow your business through new revenue and services. Done right, managed security services can be a valuable extension to your existing service portfolio and provide a cost-effective and efficient way to provide security solutions suitable for SMB budgets. In our all-new MSP Guide to Building Your Managed Security Services, we examine strategies and best practices to help you identify the core set of services you plan to offer, twelve essential technologies that should be part of any SMB’s security stack, and how to bundle and price them.

Defining and Bundling Your Security Services

By defining the types of services you want to offer and organizing them into different tiers or packages, you can efficiently respond to a range of business types and vertical markets where security needs, security knowledge level, and budgets may differ.  

Identifying a core set of layered security services helps to standardize your security offerings, providing your SMB clients with a much easier way to see the service options and security levels available to them. For example, a basic security package may get them to try your managed security service, but over time, you’ll be able to offer them a more complete package and build added value.

Scaling Your Security Offering

Bundling is not a one size fits all approach, but it’s a scalable starting point to effectively price and market your security services. Download and read the white paper to see the details of our three guideline service bundles: essential, premium, and total. All three include protection for devices, data, and employees, but choosing the most appropriate solution for your clients depends on budget, data sensitivity, and attack surface.

An à la carte approach for additional services can be offered as options to any of the bundles you create. This allows more flexibility to customize services for any challenging situation, whether it’s a budget issue or the need to integrate with an existing security infrastructure or service.

Look for our next piece in this series, which guides you through key pricing strategies for managed security. Stay tuned.

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