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Managed Workplace patch changes the patching game

Mark Whiffen, 19 June 2018

June Managed Workplace update makes patching easier for MSPs and less intrusive to SMBs.


As the world’s largest corporate enterprises expand ever-larger, absorbing acquisition after acquisition, the SMB (small to medium-sized business) finds itself working harder than ever to keep a foothold in the marketplace. It leans heavily on its MSP (managed service provider) to keep all things tech running smoothly day in and day out.

Avast Business knows that SMBs bring a necessary diversity, freshness, and competition to the marketplace, and we take pride in developing the tools and providing the support MSPs need to help their SMB clients succeed. To that end, we’re excited to announce that we have just released a major update to our Managed Workplace RMM solution that not only improves security management, but enhances software patching in a major way, saving both the MSP and the SMB time.

Enhanced software patching

Often, an SMB wants to hold off patching its software because, like any business, it wants to avoid downtime while the system updates. Waiting until a more suitable time presents itself can take weeks,  or may never come. As a result, the business’ software becomes outdated and vulnerable (much to its MSP’s frustration). Our Managed Workplace update brings an advanced set of tools that allows for more precise, almost-surgical patching.

New benefits include:

  • Patch Health — Monitor all devices on the network to ensure a steady rhythm of update checks.
  • Last Check info — Identify at a glance when devices were last checked for patches.
  • New filtering tools — Save time by quickly identifying which patches require attention.
  • Patch Approval — Hide patches that have been already been superseded to prevent redundancy.
  • Persistent filtering — Create shortcuts by saving filter options in Patch Reports and Device Reports.  
  • Usability improvements — Find the info you need quicker with patch sorting on the Patch Approval, Patch Report, and Device Report pages.
  • Easier instant patching — Simply click Patch Now on the Device Overview Patch Management page and the process begins.
  • Expedited patch status reporting — Know what’s been updated and what has not, so your team stays focused on the needed patches.

We carefully designed each of these features to streamline the patching process for MSPs while minimizing impact on their client’s flow of business. The development of these tools began with listening to our MSP partners’ feedback. Frustrations for a better way to patch were all too common, so we set to work finding a solution. We think you’ll be thrilled at the patch enhancements in this newest Managed Workplace update, but we are constantly identifying new efficiencies to incorporate. Feedback from partners like you is key to this endeavor, so please keep those comments coming.

Security improvements

In addition to enhanced patch management, the updated Managed Workplace provides approximately 50 other security enhancements, including updates to Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus, such as Webcam Shield controls, which prevent applications and malware from accessing your webcam without your consent. There are also some new, more advanced firewall settings that provide MSPs with more control.  Other upgrades can be seen in our Onsite Manager performance, the remote control usability, automated task and scripting processes, and more.

These upgraded tools are primed and ready for your team. If your system has already installed the June update for Managed Workplace, you can begin using them immediately. Start saving time and money, for you as well as your SMB clients.  

If you’re not yet an Managed Workplace partner, enjoy a free trial of Managed Workplace and experience the confidence of partnering with the largest cybersecurity network in the world.

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