Cyber spring cleaning: Maintaining your digital home

Emma McGowan 11 Apr 2023

From outdated devices to unchecked settings, here are five tips to attain cyber zen.

Spring cleaning prompts many of us to refresh and reorganize our homes with an initial burst of enthusiasm. However, it’s the required maintenance that most of us falter on. So, much like for our physical homes, committing to a year-round cyber cleaning routine will ensure a peace of mind, knowing that our devices are functioning securely and at their optimal capacity. 

Here are five tips for maintaining your digital home to attain sustained cyber zen. 

Update your devices 

Outdated devices can make you vulnerable to security breaches and compatibility issues that could impact your device's functionality and performance. Software updates are essential to maintaining the security and quality of your laptops, wearables, and mobile devices. 

Stay on top of the latest features that protect data, improve performance, and patch security flaws. So in order to maintain that tidy digital “home,” take a moment to check that you have enabled automatic software updates to defend against potential threats. 

Check your privacy settings 

Reviewing your social media accounts’ privacy settings is vital to maintaining your digital home because it helps you control what personal information you share with others and how that information is used. Scrub through your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles and manually adjust the privacy settings to avoid sharing information that you don't want accessed or published online to ensure your digital home is safe and secure. 

Secure your Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi network can be a playground for hackers, scammers, and other cybercriminals to gain access to all of your connected devices. Ensuring your Wi-Fi is secure is vital in maintaining your digital home’s security to help protect your private data and devices from unauthorized access.

Secure your Wi-Fi network by changing the factory-set default password to a customized combination (a mix of letters, numbers, symbols and long phrases) that can't be easily guessed. When changing your password, don't use readily identifiable information such as your birthday or name.

Refresh your passwords 

A password is like a key to your digital home that protects and secures your information against cyber threats. Your digital devices and online accounts store sensitive data, so you should prioritize updating your passwords often to avoid a potential hack.

Routinely changing your passwords can help prevent unwanted access to your accounts by anyone who may have obtained your old password through a prior large-scale data breach.

Use integrated antivirus software 

And, finally, the best move you can take to protect your digital home is signing up for the ultimate all-in-one cyber solution, Avast One Platinum. This combines the complete feature set of Avast One Family and covers up to 30 devices with added credit and social media monitoring, identity theft resolution and reimbursement, and premium 24/7 technical support to keep your digital home safe since all of your household devices are easily covered. 

Happy spring cleaning!

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