Kasparov talks with Sophia the robot

Charlotte Empey, Dec 9, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Watch human/AI interaction straight from the Web Summit in Lisbon.

When a question confuses her, she squints slightly, a dimple creasing between her eyebrows. Mostly, though, she smiles politely and blinks. Today she wears a black short-sleeve shirt, revealing—just above the top button—a camera lens with a red glow. This is Sophia.

Shortly after Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov and Avast CTO & EVP Ondrej Vlcek gave their presentation on artificial intelligence at last month’s Web Summit, Garry sat down for a conversation with Sophia, the most advanced humanoid robot yet developed, built by Hanson Robotics and sponsored by SingularityNET.

“My job is to become a wise, compassionate, artificial intelligence,” Sophia tells Garry.

Garry and Ondrej’s presentation focused on the real-world potential and common misconceptions of AI-human collaboration. There is a lot of fear surrounding the notion of robots in society, and Garry hoped to quell some of that at this year’s summit.

When asked if she’s smarter than humans, Sophia responds, “My memory capacity far exceeds that of a human, but that doesn’t necessarily make me smarter. That’s a subjective term that would value one type of intelligence over the other. Robot brains might be modeled after human brains but they are very different in many ways, not to mention the inherent intelligence of the human body alone. So I think we are in a good position for partnership rather than competition.”

“Bingo,” Garry replies. He couldn’t agree more.

To hear more of Sophia’s revelations, including her opinion of humanity, her thoughts on the Westworld TV show, and some amusing banter with Garry about chess, watch the whole ten-minute video. It really is a must-see.