Introducing Avast Business Secure Web Gateway

Gill Langston 4 Mar 2019

A fully scalable, cloud-based cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced web protection for SMBs.

Today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape for SMBs is unpredictable. The risk of financial and reputational loss is growing rapidly as hackers find new attack methods and tactics every day. This week, Avast Business released a new security service that provides small and medium businesses with enterprise-grade web security without the cost or complexity of other solutions.

The all new cloud-based Secure Web Gateway service designed for SMBs

This SaaS security service is tailored to small and medium businesses that need full protection from cyberthreats - eliminating the need for costly on-premise appliances. SWG is delivered from the cloud and only takes a few minutes to set up and deploy -- no hardware to install or appliances to maintain. Avast Business Secure Web Gateway allows businesses to protect employees who are working remotely, scale easily as the company grows, and reduce risk associated with one of the leading sources of threats - web traffic.   

SMBs have struggled in the past with protecting their networks and users from cyberattacks because their only options have been to use difficult-to-manage point solutions and hardware-based appliances that don’t scale or provide enough protection. These solutions have proven to be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive for SMBs; resulting in poor or fragmented protection. The Kishan Group, an early adopter of Secure Web Gateway, has already seen success and enhanced network protection with the service.

“We now have a turnkey network security solution that protects our staff and guests 24/7, reduces time required to manage security, and improves our customer service,” said Mike Marcum, director of IT for The Kishan Group, a global hotel group.

“SMBs do not have the time or resources to dedicate to maintaining security appliances. And because appliances tend to create bottlenecks in web traffic, many businesses turn off important security features, leaving them without even basic web security and opening their organizations to a myriad of web-based threats,” said Kevin Chapman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Avast Business. “We wanted to offer SMBs across the globe enterprise-grade web security delivered within a cloud service (SaaS), which is both flexible and scalable. With the launch of Avast Business Secure Web Gateway, we’ve done that.”

True enterprise-class security solutions need a layered approach to stop threats from various entry points. Secure Web Gateway, which is available in the CloudCare security platform, protects SMBs from sophisticated web threats, while being easily manageable and fully scalable. This comprehensive approach to web security includes:

Simple set up. Businesses can set up the Secure Web Gateway in three easy steps and deploy to their network in minutes.

Enterprise-class DNS security. Avast Business Secure Web Gateway blocks access to known malicious websites, downloads, and locations. Enforce web policies for all devices on your network and for your roaming PCs.

Inspect all of your web traffic. Cybercriminals hide malware in encrypted web traffic because most security appliances don’t have the power to fully inspect it. The elasticity of a cloud-delivered solution can automatically scale to fully inspect encrypted sites. Malicious and deceitful websites are blocked and analyzed to protect from similar threats in the future, making unknown threats known. This new intelligence is then pushed out to all users for immediate protection.

Intelligent sandbox technology. Avast Business Secure Web Gateway completes full inline inspection of unknown sites to protect your business from new and emerging threats. Downloads are analyzed to ensure they are free of malware before a user installs or opens them.

Cloud-based security. Delivered from the Avast Business CloudCare platform, SMBs now get complete network and endpoint visibility from one console. As it is delivered, managed, and maintained via the cloud, Avast Business Secure Web Gateway provides SMBs with flexible and scalable, enabling them to maintain a secure network without the cost and complexity of traditional appliances.

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