AV-Comparatives recognizes Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Find out how Avast measured up in tests by AV-Comparatives

You’ve probably heard a lot from us about our antivirus solutions and how they deliver comprehensive endpoint, server, data, and identity protection for your business. But we understand that it’s good to get a different perspective sometimes - no hard feelings. Keep reading to see what AV-Comparatives found out about our product in comparison to other key players in the cybersecurity sphere. 

What is AV-Comparatives?

AV-Comparatives is an independent, ISO-certified organization that systematically tests whether cybersecurity solutions truly deliver on their promises (in other words, they keep companies like us on our toes). With one of the largest sample collections in the world, AV-Comparatives creates an environment for accurate testing and results that are globally recognized.

What AV-Comparatives had to say about Avast

In December 2020, AV-Comparatives released the second half-year report of their Business Main-Test series, which contained results of three different tests conducted between August and November of 2020. They put our Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus to the test alongside a number of competing products. Each of these tests are outlined below along with the results.

The Real-World Protection Test

This test is designed to simulate malware attacks that a business user would typically encounter while using the internet.

Through this test, Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus sustained minimal false positives and scored an overall protection rate of 99.9%. 

The Malware Protection Test

This test considers a situation in which malware is already present on the disk or enters the test system through a local network or device instead of originating from the internet. 

The Malware Protection Test resulted in Avast scoring a 100% malware protection rate, something that should help all business owners and IT admins sleep a little better at night. 

The Performance Test

Finally, this test focuses on the impact on system performance and how much each product slows down regular use of the PC while it is in use. The testers used statistical methods and considered what might be noticed from a user’s perspective to create the chart below. 

Across the board, Avast came out with performance scores that were deemed “very fast.” 

Andreas Clementi, founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives, commented, “Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus performed to a very high standard in AV-Comparatives’ 2020 H2 Business Main Tests, achieving first-class levels of protection and performance in every single test. We were also impressed by its easy-to-navigate management console and actionable notifications, which make it ideally suited to small and medium-sized businesses. It includes a number of extra features, such as anti-spam, a VPN, data shredder, and identity protection.”

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