How one IT guy manages 500 devices with Avast for Business

How one IT guy manages 500 devices with Avast for Business

The rule of thumb for managing devices is one IT Administrator for every 100 computers or devices. Five hundred is difficult to manage for an entire IT department, let alone one IT Administrator. But, Gary Myers is up to the task.

The Avast team caught up with Myers recently to see what he thinks about the new Avast for Business product. “They say you should have one person for every 100 devices so it’s definitely a challenge.”

Gary explained how he chose new Avast for Business as his security solution. “I’ve been using Avast for a long, long time, so when I saw that there was a new business product, I knew I should give it a try.” Myers says that Avast is a step above the rest and he switched to Avast for Business because he wanted the new features of the cloud-based product.

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Myers said the upside of the new cloud-managed antivirus is obvious. “I’m seeing advantages with the software being cloud-based. The web-console allows me to see everything I need to see at once and everything is up-to-date.”

Streamed updates and the cloud-managed console certainly make life easier for an IT administrator that manages as many devices as Myers.

Budget is often a huge factor when IT professionals purchase antivirus software but for Myers, the free product “works, and it’s low overhead.”

Avast for Business is completely free forever – which makes it the ultimate cost-cutting, money saver.

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