TGIF: Wrap-up May 6 - June 5

Deborah Salmi 5 Jun 2015

TGIF: Wrap-up May 6 - June 5

We have had a busy month with multiple announcements important to Avast customers and company-watchers. Here's the quick rundown in case you missed it.

Avast SecureMe protects Apple watch

Avast SecureMe will launch in the next month or so to protect the new Apple Watch, as well as iPhones and iPads, when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi. That’s sure to make Apple gadget freaks happy. Read Avast SecureMe Protects Apple Watch Wi-Fi Users.

Image via TechRadar Image via TechRadar

Windows 10 is scheduled to launch in July, and Avast is ready. Avast version V2015 R2 and newer are already compatible with Windows 10. Read Latest versions of Avast compatible with Windows 10.

New version of Avast has superior detection than older versions Avast customers who are using older versions of our Avast antivirus products cannot upgrade to Windows 10, but more importantly they will no longer receive product upgrades or enhancements. We recommend that everyone upgrade to the latest version to benefit from better detection rates and new features. Read Support for older Avast versions will end.

ASUS partners with Avast The new Android powered tablets by ASUS come preloaded with Avast Mobile Security, so you are protected right out of the box. Read New ASUS ZenPad to come with Avast Mobile Security.

Avast announces the opening of our new Charlotte, N.C. office.Want a career with Avast? A new Avast Software office has opened in Charlotte, North Carolina to bring the new free Avast for Business to the U.S. market and beyond. Read The Tar Heel State welcomes Avast Software.

Check out the Avast blog for other news and how-to articles that provide useful information about security, privacy, and Avast products. Have a great weekend! :-)

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