AVAST is the most known antivirus brand in the world. What does this mean for our business partners?

AVAST is the most known antivirus brand in the world. What does this mean for our business partners?

Over the years AVAST has gained an impressive number of users: Over 200 million worldwide.

How did AVAST grow into the most trusted security product provider in the world?

We got there by launching a very successful freemium business model. We give a quality product, avast! Free Antivirus, away for free. Customers like it and recommend it to others. In addition to the free product, we offer paid-for consumer solutions and a business products line.

AVAST Software does not invest money into advertising; we are mostly growing via recommendations and huge social media communities.

The free product is great, but how do the paid-for products compare? av

We all know very well that when making a decision to buy a product, we would rather go for something which is known and our friends, family or colleagues recommend instead of getting something which we have never heard about and none can really refer to.

While making sales and offering products to customers, partners are often asked for testimonials. Recommendations provided by your existing, satisfied customers, are available but usually it is not enough! Especially in the IT and security sectors, it is crucial to show your customer proof provided by IT authorities and official comparatives results. Although AVAST is known as a provider of free software, at the same time, our products score top positions in many comparative tests.

AV Comparatives: Where does Avast stand?

Based on the recent AV-Comparatives’ IT Security Survey 2014, AVAST is the most popular provider of both mobile security and antivirus protection in Europe and the Americas. It is interesting to note that 37.1% of respondents are using paid solutions.

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According to the survey , “In Europe, paid Internet security suites are the most popular solution (45.5%). Many vendors have multiple choices of Internet Security suites.”

On the other hand, “In North America, the most popular solutions (39.0%) are free antivirus programs (mainly Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender)”.

What about Android solutions?

AVAST scored 1st position in Europe and North , South and Central America. We also learned that 25.8% of respondents do not have any protection on their mobile devices. However, this is going to change as “Protecting mobile devices has become increasingly more important as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has continued its growth. Businesses expect employees practicing BYOD to have protection on their devices to secure any corporate information that may be on them, and to prevent unauthorized access to the corporate network. “

On a final note, It is important to add that according to Microsoft, around 5% of computers are still not protected.

How to become an AVAST Business Partner

Would you like to become our business partner and offer your customers a known and trusted product, used by over 200 million people all over the world? Want to be part of the AVAST Business Partners channel? Join us today!

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