AVAST Free-4-Schools saves $20 million for the kids

AVAST Free-4-Schools saves $20 million for the kids

AVAST_F4E_April2013Six months since its launch in the US (a pilot country), AVAST Free for Education covers nearly 2 million computers and servers belonging to over 1,400 schools, districts, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions. At market price, these institutions are saving $20 million per year by getting the AVAST enterprise-level protection for free. In other words, we are freeing up about $20 million of the schools' budgets that the schools could use for the students' benefit.

You could see on the attached map that our coverage is pretty good! The only state NOT on the map and the only state where we don't have yet any participating school is Alaska. The enrollment of the schools and school districts we protect is about 7 million students, and since there is about 75 million students overall in US… we have now 10% share and we are on a very good way to reach the 30% share by the end of 2013.

But MUCH better than the market share data are the responses we are getting back from the schools that applied for the free-license and deployed on their network already. To give you a sample:

  • “Thank you so much for this incredible program. For schools like ours with a tight budget, this helps substantially.” –Aaron P., West Branch Area School District


  • “This is a very generous and responsive program that allows school districts to spend their budget on items to improve educational quality.” –Ted M., Liberty School


  • “AVAST is a great antivirus program. The first scan found multiple instances of malware that our previous antivirus missed. The AVAST Free for Education program makes it possible for our library to have a quality antivirus program that fits nicely in our tight budget.” –Jeanne H., Charleston Carnegie Public Library

Giving good stuff to people for free is THE best job on Earth! ;)

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