Milos Korenko

3 November 2011

avast! Server Security according to VB Comparative test: Fast. Ultra-light. Efficient.

Yesterday evening we got the latest results from Virus Bulletin comparative test of over 40 antivirus solutions for Server deployment. It is the first test of the new business product we launched before summer and it is definitely worth publishing. AVAST is known for distributing a very good free product – and some competitors look down their noses at us as being only good for home users. Well, this could change their minds.

avast! Server Security scored among the top of all products tested and way ahead of the traditional ‘corporate’ vendors. It had a detection score of 99.6% and correctly identified all clean samples. What is also very important for server deployments, scanning only increased the computer resource use by 1% - a fraction of the average score from all other products. And despite needing only 1% of the server’s juice, it was one of the fastest – and among the top detection products THE fastest – antivirus solution.

Efficient. Ultra-light. Fast. Just the way it should be.


20 top detection scoring products. Click to enlarge


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