What is SafeZone Browser?

Deborah Salmi 24 Mar 2016

Avast SafeZone browser makes online shopping and banking more secure by isolating your sessions in a specialized browser.

Avast has long provided an extra layer of defense called SafeZone Browser in our premium products. We are currently giving SafeZone to a select number of Avast Free Antivirus users so we can learn what they think of the browser.

SafeZone is a web browser than runs in a sandbox, which keeps your PC and personal data more secure than just running antivirus protection, since programs and processes run in an isolated virtual environment. Programs that run in the sandbox have limited access to your computer’s files or system, so they are unable to make permanent changes. Our Virus Lab researchers use a sandbox every day to safely isolate malicious files that they are investigating.

For you, SafeZone is added protection while you're banking or shopping online. Visitors to the web’s darker side are protected too.

With SafeZone browser, there is no need to install additional privacy extensions and features. For maximum security, 3rd party extensions are blocked (including ads!). 

SafeZone browser combines convenience and security with these features and more:

  • Security provided by integrated anti-malware layers
  • Specialized browsing modes for safe transactions and protection from unsafe content
  • Convenient video downloads
  • Price comparison on trusted shopping sites
  • Ad-blocking
  • Filters that block pages with poor reputations

You can learn more about SafeZone browser by reading our FAQs.

Free Antivirus users get to try SafeZone

We decided to make the SafeZone browser available to a portion of our free users for a limited time. “Our intention is to give SafeZone more exposure and to accumulate as much valuable feedback from our users as possible,” said Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek on the Avast forum.

We realize that some users may have been taken by surprise by the addition of SafeZone browser, and for that we apologize. We have already received valuable feedback on our social media channels and forum, so we are working on how to make it clearer..

Give us feedback

We would love it if you would give SafeZone browser a try and let us know what you think. Please add your feedback here so our product managers can see it.

Uninstall SafeZone

If you want to uninstall SafeZone browser, or any other Avast component, then please go to your Control panel > Programs & Features > Double click on Avast > Select Modify > Uncheck the box next to the component you want to remove > Next > Finish.


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