How to provide better Windows 10 security

Microsoft’s most popular OS, Windows 10, is also very popular with cybercriminals, requiring additional security measures to maximize your protection.

23 December 2016 min read

These top 10 most performance-draining Android apps might surprise you

We take a look at which apps kill your smartphone's battery, fill up its storage to the brim, and hit your monthly data plan hard.

21 December 2016 min read

Which type of antivirus should you choose?

'Free,' 'Premium,' 'Default'? We help you understand the differences and make the right choice.

13 December 2016 min read

Online games: 5 risks to your online security and privacy

Whether you play games on your PC or mobile, there are precautions you need to take to keep your devices and data secure.

13 December 2016 min read

Play online with no lag, no interruptions, and maximum safety

Avast protects your PC and your game with negligible CPU and GPU consumption.

9 December 2016 min read

Your Android could be sending messages to China

A pre-installed backdoor on more than 700 Android devices transmits data to a server in China every 72 hours.

18 November 2016 min read

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A new era for politics and information security

The one irrefutable lesson from Hillary Clinton’s defeat is that modern systems require modern security measures.

11 November 2016 min read

5 ways to speed up your slow PC

Your computer's performance can be affected by lots of things, but Avast Free Antivirus isn't one of them. Find out how to get your PC up to speed.

7 November 2016 min read

Inside Petya and Mischa ransomware

The Avast Threat Intelligence team takes a deeper look into the double ransomware, Petya and Mischa.

20 September 2016 min read

2012 Dropbox breach strikes again, dumps 68 million passwords online

Four years after Dropbox suffered a data breach, nearly two-thirds of the company’s user base has had their passwords revealed in a massive password dump.

1 September 2016 min read

Privacy policy update: WhatsApp will share your information with Facebook

WhatsApp will share 1 billion users’ account information with Facebook to improve ads and product experiences.

1 September 2016 min read

7 potential explanations behind the DNC email leak

How could a team of hackers have gotten access to DNC emails? Filip Chytry discusses seven potential security gaps that could explain the recent DNC email leak.

26 July 2016 min read
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