Technology beta test: Avast Software Cleanup

Deborah Salmi 20 Jul 2016

Avast invites experienced users to a technology preview of Avast Software Cleanup.

beta testers Avast Software Cleanup

Avast Software Cleanup is designed to identify and remove unwanted software (also known as "Crapware" or "Bloatware") from your Windows computer. Avast developers are considering inclusion of Avast Software Cleanup (ASWC) into future Avast products, so they invite experienced Windows users to give feedback on the technology.


To be a successful tester, you should:

  • Be aware of which programs are considered crapware/bloatware. 
  • Know which programs shouldn’t be removed. Currently ASWC can easily remove (almost) any software - even the good stuff. This can obviously cause damage to your system.  So be careful!
  • Participate in the development of this program by giving honest, constructive feedback and submitting logfiles on the Avast Forum thread dedicated to the test.

To learn more about the key features and functions of Avast Software Updater, please visit our forum.

How to install Avast Software Cleanup for testing

Download the installer from here,

Run the installer. ASWC will install within a few seconds and load the latest updates.

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