Avast warns users of crypto scams taking advantage of Ukraine conflict

Avast security experts have detected scammers pretending to be Ukrainian nationals affected by the current conflict asking for Bitcoin on social media.

25 Feb 2022 min read

Don't fall for these search engine scams

Just because it's "Top 10," doesn't mean it's actually any good.

21 May 2021 min read

Fake iPhone jailbreaking scam sends users to click-fraud site

Plus, a botnet could use your PC for sextortion scams, malware is found in audio files, and a cryptojacking worm has burrowed through 2,000 systems and counting.

18 Oct 2019 min read

Critical flaw found in many Android smartphones

Android phones made by Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Sony have been found to have a major vulnerability.

5 Sep 2019 min read

Voice fraud scams company out of $243,000

Criminals used AI to impersonate the CEO’s voice, and it worked.

5 Sep 2019 min read

Movie tickets service leaked 161M records, researchers say

Plus, poker site dealt a hand of malware, ransomware hits 22 Texas towns, and Apple mistakenly unpatches a flaw

23 Aug 2019 min read

AT&T insider ring charged with unlocking over 2M phones

Plus, two new ransomware strains and another important reminder to change IoT passwords.

9 Aug 2019 min read

New Android ransomware spreads through contacts

Also, an email scam steals $1.7M from a North Carolina county; school is delayed due to malware; and that supposed sextortion video of you does not really exist

2 Aug 2019 min read

The phishers are out there – what can you do about it?

How to prevent becoming a victim of a phishing scam

26 Jul 2019 min read

Avast detects and protects users from malware targeting banks, Netflix

Avast protected nearly 27,000 users since the beginning of this year from more than 155,000 infection attempts made by Guildma malware

24 Jul 2019 min read

Microsoft reports nation-state political attacks

Plus, a new malware framework hits Chrome and Firefox, a new phishing scam targets AmEx cardholders, and data is breached at Sprint and Evite.

19 Jul 2019 min read

Avast researchers find apparent Android app scam

Phone-number tracking app gives fake results in tests, as users point out in comments

15 Jul 2019 min read

New triple-threat mobile version of the malware WannaLocker targets banks in Brazil

Avast threat researcher Nikolaos Chrysaidos tracks new version of malware that combines spyware, remote-access-Trojan malware, and banking Trojan malware

1 Jul 2019 min read