What is vishing and how do I protect myself against it?

While there are a variety of vishing methods, the most common have recently centered on the theft of financial information or government IDs.

24 Aug 2022 min read

UK lockdown triggers increase in phishing scams

Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from the increased volume of email phishing scams

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Ready for the holiday shopping season? Here's our guide to easy (and safe) online shopping

Protect your privacy and financial information with these online shopping tips and Avast Secure Browser

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A guide for detecting a phishing email for businesses

Find out why hackers are using phishing email scams and how to detect them and warn your employees

16 Sep 2019 min read

419M Facebook user records leaked in data breach

Plus, ransomware hits yet another NY school district, a phishing scheme uses hacked SharePoint accounts, and a unique RAT targets Brazilian Android users.

6 Sep 2019 min read

IRS alerts public to ‘tax reminder’ phishing scam

Plus, an Insta-scam snaps up login info, TrickBot makes a grab for your mobile PIN, and Brazil restabilizes after Telegram voicemail hacks

30 Aug 2019 min read

The phishers are out there – what can you do about it?

How to prevent becoming a victim of a phishing scam

26 Jul 2019 min read

Microsoft reports nation-state political attacks

Plus, a new malware framework hits Chrome and Firefox, a new phishing scam targets AmEx cardholders, and data is breached at Sprint and Evite.

19 Jul 2019 min read

The Supply Chain; aka the Hacker Food Chain

Could you be the weak link for hackers?

13 May 2019 min read

Time to give Mom “the talk” (about cybersecurity)

This Mother’s Day, tell Mom the truth… staying safe online isn’t so hard after all!

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How to find old email and social media accounts

Looking to find an old email account? Or an old social media account? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to delete an online account you no longer use.

26 Apr 2019 min read

Hijacking the internet and more news of the week

DNS hijackers attempt to undermine the entire infrastructure of the internet… and that’s just one exploit by this week’s bad guys.

19 Apr 2019 min read

Social engineering – It’s not just about phishing

When deception is used to hack your mind

14 Apr 2019 min read