How to protect your account after the Dailymotion hack

The Dailymotion hack recalls the cyberattack on Yahoo last September. This time, 85 million accounts are affected by this massive data leak.

6 Dec 2016 min read

Malware posing as dual instance app steals users’ Twitter credentials

By installing a piece of newly discovered malware, you can download multiple instances of Twitter’s authentic application on your devices – at a price.

19 Oct 2016 min read

2012 Dropbox breach strikes again, dumps 68 million passwords online

Four years after Dropbox suffered a data breach, nearly two-thirds of the company’s user base has had their passwords revealed in a massive password dump.

1 Sep 2016 min read

7 potential explanations behind the DNC email leak

How could a team of hackers have gotten access to DNC emails? Filip Chytry discusses seven potential security gaps that could explain the recent DNC email leak.

26 Jul 2016 min read

Stay free of online threats this Independence Day weekend

To make the most out of this year’s 4th of July weekend, it’s important to take the necessary measures to stay safe online and free of digital threats.

1 Jul 2016 min read

Zuckerberg Twitter hack could have been avoided with better passwords

Even celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg use easy passwords that get hacked. Until there is a better way, you need help managing your passwords.

10 Jun 2016 min read

On Children’s Day, teach your kids how to stay safe online

We’re here to help you provide your kids with a secure approach to using the Internet safely and wisely. Make sure to protect your family’s devices with Avast.

1 Jun 2016 min read

Time to change your LinkedIn password

CEOs, top execs, and everyone else on LinkedIn: Your login credentials are being bought and sold on the dark web, so it's time to change your passwords!

19 May 2016 min read

New feature in Avast Passwords for Android: Fingerprint scanning

Using Avast Passwords, you can rest assured knowing that your sensitive account information is safe and secure.

16 May 2016 min read

Can your bad passwords cost you money and cause trouble?

Have you used the same old passwords for years? Using the same passwords on multiple accounts? Time to get your passwords in order! Follow our tips.

5 May 2016 min read

Sharing personal information plays part in Neiman Marcus hack

Sharing personal information plays part in Neiman Marcus hack

4 Feb 2016 min read

How to create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts (and remember them!)

Remembering multiple passwords is nearly impossible. Avast Password manager can create, manage, and sync all your passwords across devices.

3 Feb 2016 min read
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