Why we all love to hate passwords-and why they’re so important anyway

We all hate passwords, but they're still an essential part of keep your online info safe. Here's why we hate them--and what we can do about it.

26 Jul 2023 min read

How to protect yourself from data breaches

From the latest data breaches to the biggest data breaches, our Data Breach Survival Guide has all the info you need

20 May 2020 min read

World Password Day 2019 – Is your password strong enough?

On May 2, celebrate World Password Day by leveling up the strength and complexity of these most critical of security measures — your passwords.

1 May 2019 min read

Time to give Mom “the talk” (about cybersecurity)

This Mother’s Day, tell Mom the truth… staying safe online isn’t so hard after all!

29 Apr 2019 min read

Hacker breaches GPS service of 27,000 cars

A hacker broke into ProTrack and iTrack vehicle-tracking GPS services to extort “reward” money and reveal the systems’ vulnerabilities.

27 Apr 2019 min read

New Facebook data breach exposes 540M records

Here we go again... Half a billion Facebook records including user names, passwords and likes posted publicly online.

4 Apr 2019 min read

Malware with more might and other weekly security news

An infamous cybergang, a notorious botnet, and new phishing scams continue to do their best to ruin your day.

22 Mar 2019 min read

Top 10 Biggest Data Breaches in 2018

There have been many, so let’s count down some of the year’s biggest data breaches.

20 Dec 2018 min read

10 tips to protect against an email hack

Email accounts are hacked every day. Follow these simple tips to keep yours protected.

11 Dec 2018 min read

How to choose the best password manager

Learn everything you need to know about the security features and usability of password managers.

11 Nov 2018 min read

Step-by-step guide to Password Protect a File or Folder in Windows

Learn how easy it is to secure your files and folders with password protection and encryption.

2 Nov 2018 min read

Google “minuses” Google+ and CA is no state for weak passwords

9th-gen Intel CPUs naturally immune to decades old bug and yet another MS Office vulnerability being used in international espionage.

12 Oct 2018 min read

Password! Password! get your password here!

Whenever you need a strong password, our free Random Password Generator has you covered.

2 Oct 2018 min read
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