Using machine learning for the fast verification of contested antivirus decisions

This is how Avast collects a stream of potential false detections and swiftly reacts to them

13 Jan 2022 min read

Is it malware or clean? Well, it depends on a plethora of diverse features

Avast researchers use a general feature-blind learning framework for fast detection of novel malware based on diverse data sources

18 Oct 2021 min read

Machine learning explainability: Spotlight on machine data

Breaking down the importance of explainability in machine learning

18 Aug 2021 min read

Avast researchers fight malware by processing machine data with next-gen machine learning

New research from Avast and Czech Technical University applies automated feature extraction to machine learning to automate data processing pipelines

9 Jul 2021 min read

Is machine learning useful for cybersecurity?

At the Enigma Conference this month in San Francisco, Avast researcher Sadia Afroz answers that question

27 Jan 2020 min read

CyberSec & AI Prague explores ways AI can ‘help us to live free, safe and secure’

Speakers and presenters from 11 nations draw an overflow crowd to artificial intelligence cybersecurity conference

25 Oct 2019 min read

Speakers and presenters from 11 nations gather at sold-out Cybersec & AI Prague

Conference hosted by Avast and the Czech Technical University will look at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

23 Oct 2019 min read

AI never forgets, so we must teach it to forgive

Artificial intelligence is listening, and that is unstoppable – but we must all safeguard the privacy of children

22 Sep 2019 min read

AI vs. AI – a fascinating slice of the future of cybersecurity

When top experts gather at the conference CyberSec & AI Prague in October, one topic will be adversarial algorithms

5 Aug 2019 min read

AI is on our side

Despite some widespread fears, artificial intelligence can help cybersecurity by blocking fake news and other threats

30 Jul 2019 min read

Join the world’s top minds in artificial intelligence at the Cybersecurity & AI conference

Submit your research to be considered for a poster session at the October conference in Prague – and apply for a grant

29 Jul 2019 min read

Avast discusses responsible AI at Infosecurity Mexico

Chess Guru Garry Kasparov and Avast Head of AI Rajarshi Gupta discuss the responsible use of AI at this month’s Infosecurity Mexico.

17 May 2019 min read

Meet Avast and Garry Kasparov at Viva Technology 2019

Join us for spirited events focused on potential AI solutions, dangerous IoT threats, and spectacular chess wizardry.

15 May 2019 min read
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