Protecting your Mac - the time has come!

Lukáš Hasik 9 Oct 2017

Macs have generally been considered safe from cyberthreats, but that is gradually changing. We have a solution.

AV-Comparatives, an independent testing lab, regularly checks leading consumer software to see how the leading brands measure up, both in what they claim to do and how they compare to each other. Last month, they released the results of their recent “Mac Security Test,” and Avast Security for Mac earned high marks, beating the bulk of the competition by coming in at 99.9% protection.

Do Macs need next-gen cybersecurity?

Traditionally, Macs have fared very exceptionally when it comes to cybersecurity, due to two overarching reasons.

One is that Macs come with excellent security already built in. They are Unix-based, which means the executable code is stored separately from the data files, increasing the difficulty for any program to penetrate stored private info. In addition, the subsystem Gatekeeper blocks any software that has not been pre-approved by Apple. 

The second reason is that Windows-based systems are a bigger share of the market, and cybercriminals make more money off of Windows-targeted malware. It also helps that these kinds of malicious files are easier to code than Mac-targeted malware.

But the world of cybercrime never sleeps, and just because something’s a challenge doesn’t make it impossible. There’s been a growing surge in malware attacks on Macs, and that’s only going to increase.  In our Avast Threat Lab data, we can see that threats on our growing user base in some cases more than doubles from year to year. The AV-Comparatives report mentions that while Macs protect efficiently on their own against viruses, the real dangers are Trojans, those malicious files that pretend to be something else to trick you into letting them through the gates.  

Avast Security for Mac

Our free solution scored with a near perfect score in terms of defending Macs from malware. AV-Comparatives used 687 samples of recent Mac malware, and Avast Security for Mac detected 99.9% of them, earning an Approved Security Product award.

The report goes on to say, “Avast Mac Security provides additional features, including phishing protection, in a clean and simple interface. The program provides a particularly comprehensive range of scanning options, laid out on a single page.” The report also praises the layout of the easy-to-access features in the Avast Security for Mac window.

With 3.7 million Mac users, and 400 million users on all platforms globally, Avast has a strong grasp on cybersecurity, including the latest Mac malware. If you’re a Mac user, consider protecting yourself by installing our free Mac Security software today.

Update: Avast Security Pro is now available. This premium security software offers more protection for your home network including:

  • Ransomware Shield - protects personal photos, documents, and other files from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware attacks.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector - automatically detects weaknesses in your home Wi-Fi and alerts you if unknown entities are accessing your network.


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