Protect your online banking from hackers

Deborah Salmi 23 Jul 2016

Your online banking and shopping are kept safe and your activities are shielded from tracking when you use Avast's SafeZone Browser in Bank Mode.

Nowadays, most people don't visit their bank very often. It's so convenient to check your balance and pay bills online. But using the internet for online banking and shopping are risky activities. When you visit your bank’s website, you enter the keys to your financial kingdom in the form of a username and password. This information is valuable to hackers, so we created a safer way for you to do business on the web - SafeZone Browser with Bank Mode.

Avast’s SafeZone Browser is a maximum security browser

For years, people have added extensions to their browser to increase privacy, block ads, and filter out webpages with poor reputations. Avast decided to combine those privacy extensions and features into one fully-fledged web browser called SafeZone.

We first offered it to our paying customers, but since online safety for everyone is our mission and your financial transactions are at risk, we've made it available to our free users as well.

Bank Mode isolates your session

With an ordinary browser, when you make a payment or look at your account balance online, it’s easy for hackers to spy on you. But when you use SafeZone to browse the internet, it automatically opens banking sites in an extra secure Bank Mode. All you do is type in a bank URL, for example, and Bank Mode will launch.

Bank Mode isolates your session in a protected space which stops hackers from using keyloggers to steal your password or account number, and it keeps them from eavesdropping on your network. In Bank Mode you can be sure that your financial transactions are safe and your activities are not being tracked.

To further increase security, the browser provides an encrypted connection through Avast’s own DNS servers, protecting you when you connect using an unsecured Wi-Fi network, like when you are traveling. You can use Bank Mode anytime on any site where you’d like an added layer of security online.

SafeZone protects you from spoofed pages

Phishing is a common tactic that hackers use to target banking customers. An email designed to look like it comes from your bank shows up in your inbox. It often directs you to go to a fake (or spoofed) website that looks like your bank where you are asked to provide your personal account information. Retailers and delivery services like DHL have also been spoofed.

If you attempt to open a website that SafeZone browser identifies as suspicious or malicious, it is automatically opened in a shielded window to prevent any threats from reaching your browser or PC. This gives you a big red flag, so you don't get tricked. Call your bank to confirm if they really sent you the email. 

SafeZone browser filters out web pages that have a poor reputation, and stops malicious third-party extensions from being added to your browser, so you’re never at risk from spyware. In short, it’s the safest way to browse, every day.

Make SafeZone browser your computer's default browser

SafeZone Browser is included when you install the latest version of Avast Antivirus. A shortcut icon appears on your desktop by default. The shortcut icon can be deleted if it interferes with your desktop layout.

SafeZone Browser can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Avast user interface or directly through the Start menu. If you have already installed Avast, but SafeZone Browser does not appear to be installed on your PC, make sure you have restarted your computer to complete the installation.

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