Phone lost or stolen? Avast has your back with updated Anti-Theft app

Grace Macej 22 Aug 2016

Using Avast Anti-Theft, you can now locate, lock, wipe and sound an alarm on your lost or stolen phones by using any mobile or desktop device.

The Avast Mobile Team recently published an updated version of Avast Anti-Theft. Our app helps you locate and recover your lost or stolen mobile devices and it enables you to locate, lock, wipe and even sound an alarm on your phones by using any mobile or desktop device.

If a phone is lost or stolen, you can simply send an SMS command directly to the phone or download the Avast Anti-Theft app on any other Android device to send a remote command. This command, which can also be sent from the web via your Avast account, grants you full control of Avast Anti-Theft’s wide range of features.

Stay in control of your device with Avast Anti-Theft's diverse feature collection 

Avast Antitheft app helps you find your lost phone

Avast Anti-Theft includes a unique collection of features that are not offered in Android’s Device Manager, such as Sound Recording and a Theftie feature. Both of these features can provide key insights into helping find a lost or stolen device and returning it to its rightful owner.

The app’s Theftie feature gives you the ability to remotely take a photo of the thief trying to steal their device.

Sound Recording allows you to record audio of the thief’s environment to capture potential clues to the culprit’s whereabouts or location. Additional key features of Avast Anti-Theft are as follows:

  • Stealth mode: The app is hidden on your device
  • Call and SMS forwarding: Forwards incoming messages and calls to another number
  • Call number from device: Allows you to listen to what’s happening on the line of their device
  • Android PIN/pattern check: Locks device after 8 unlock attempts
  • SIM card change notification: Notifies you when SIM has been replaced
  • Control by SMS: Allows you to control the device even without an Internet connection

“We know that millions of smartphones are lost or stolen every year, and with them are large amounts of sensitive, personal data,” said Gagan Singh, president of mobile at Avast.

“With Avast Anti-Theft, users have the ability to not only track the whereabouts of their missing device, but also completely wipe it of all data in the event the device is not recoverable. With the amount of priceless information on our devices, from photos to videos to even banking information, users should have a way to delete the contents if their phones happen to go missing or fall into the wrong hands.”

Additional updates to Avast Anti-Theft include:

  • A newly redesigned user interface aimed at providing a simplified user experience, including more clearly arranged and less-cluttered controls
  • Completely rewritten code, making the app more stable and smaller
  • Improved dual SIM support, so a user with two SIM cards is not consistently notified when changing cards
  • Smart default settings so that users do not have to decide on advanced settings. Instead, they can set it and forget it.
  • Full support of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Avast Anti-Theft is available for Android operating systems and can be downloaded for free.


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