IP Expo 2017: Garry Kasparov to address delegates on the future of man-machine interaction

Michael Healey 30 Sep 2017

Plus the chance to face Avast’s security ambassador and former World Chess Champion in a chess match at the Avast booth

Keynote Speech: 15:40 - 16:10 BST
Location: IP Expo Europe, Main Keynote Stage

Humans are intrinsically afraid of the unknown and the uncontrollable. We are also unreceptive to change. Throughout history, we have been led to believe that the natural human form is matchless and that anything unnatural, or artificial, is wrong or evil.

Not to Garry Kasparov, Avast’s security ambassador and former world chess champion. Ever since his legendary matches against the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue in 1996 and 1997, Garry has been inspired by the fusion between humans and our increasingly intelligent creations. The man who became the proverbial man in “man versus machine” is in firm disagreement with the commentators who regularly express panic about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on mankind.

While Kasparov acknowledges the challenges that every disruptive new technology creates, he believes man-machine interaction is less about conflict and more about collaboration. And this year, at IP Expo in London, he will counter the claims that our technology is harmful to us with concrete examples and forward-looking strategies on AI in a talk that only Garry Kasparov could give.

In the context of cyber security, Garry will point out that while machines excel in certain fields, humans shine in others. His speech will illustrate how an AI-only approach in digital security is not enough. While machines get the gold star in rapid classification of malware, humans are superior in deep malware analysis thanks to our ability to see issues in a wider context. This is why a collaborative approach is so important.

Garry will also address the fear-factor surrounding AI. He will explain why anxiety is self-defeating and why improving interfaces and processes profitable — allowing humans and machines to mutually benefit from their relative strengths while compensating for each other’s weaknesses.

Current concerns about job losses to intelligent automation will be discussed, too. The past has proven that machines assuming the tasks of humans is inevitable, beneficial, and that we will soon go from distress to taking these advances for granted. The more ambitiously we embrace change, the more jobs will be created as new careers and industries flourish.

Garry’s speech will take place at 15:40 BST at the Main Keynote Stage at IP Expo Europe, ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL United Kingdom.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Oh, and who dares challenge Garry to a game of chess? Between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Wednesday 4th October, he will be offering seven delegates the chance to test their chess skills in individual matches against him, taking place simultaneously at booth AA28.

To enter, visit the Avast stand (AA28) and drop off your business card. This will automatically enter you into the drawing which will take place at 11:00am.

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