Forget TV ads – clean your slow PC with a product you can trust

Deborah Salmi 12 Aug 2016

You’ve seen PC optimizer ads on TV, but now there's one you can really trust! Newly designed Avast Cleanup expertly cleans and optimizes your PC in minutes.

Many of us use the same laptop for multiple purposes. If you’re like me, you watch Netflix movies, answer business emails, and do personal banking on the same machine. It’s no surprise that it eventually gets sluggish with junk - everything from the leftover files of uninstalled programs to accumulated browser cache or unwanted toolbars.

We redesigned our Cleanup software so that with a single click you can run a scan, easily see what scrap files you want to remove, and then wipe away up to 30GB of junk from your PC.

Here are some areas Avast Cleanup can improve to make your PC speedy again.

Startup programs

Use Cleanup to speed up your PC’s boot time. It can remove all those unnecessary apps that come with a new PC and disable startup apps, schedule tasks and background services, to get your older PC up and running in top form again.

Unwanted toolbars

Unwanted toolbars can hijack Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and replace it with something else. Avast Cleanup will restore your preferred search engine. It also helps you get rid of site tracking and cookies to prevent targeted advertising.

Browser cache data

When you surf the web, your browser stores complete websites to your PC’s memory. Up to 700MB of browser cache data can accumulate within just one day! To reclaim that fun, fast browsing experience, Avast Cleanup can free your browser’s cache and history with one mouse click.

The registry

This is a delicate area, and scammy PC Optimizers you see advertised on TV or a popup can actually do damage while making big promises. Avast Cleanup scans and defragments the registry by removing residual files after programs have been uninstalled.

If you are dissatisfied with the changes made to your computer by Cleanup, you can use Windows System restore to revert your computer to its previous, pre-cleanup state.


Avast Cleanup works on all Windows PCs. You don’t even have to have Avast Antivirus installed because Cleanup is now available as a standalone application.

The scan is free, then pay for the cleanup service

Scanning to see if your system needs a cleanup is free, but performing a system cleanup requires a paid activation code. Speed up your PC in minutes. Install Cleanup now.

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