Avast’s new Call Blocker app helps users avoid unwanted calls

Grace Macej 26 Sep 2016

Easily and effectively block unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers, and even personal phone numbers with Avast Call Blocker.

For many iOS users, spam calls have slowly but steadily become a regular and bothersome part of life. Although users can label specified numbers as spam on their device, this is time-consuming and quickly gets old. Many call blocking apps require access to users’ contact lists, which isn’t ideal, as private contacts shouldn’t need to be seen by companies in order to provide protection.

According to a recent survey of 3,191 U.S. Avast users, 77 percent reported receiving at least one call in the last two weeks from a spammer, telemarketer or unsolicited contact. Avast’s research shows that there are currently more than 133,000 active spam callers in the U.S. that reach 40 percent of phone owners in the country monthly. To make things worse, half of spammers replace their number every six months, leaving users struggling to identify callers.

Avast has an foolproof solution to this problem. We’re excited to announce Avast Call Blocker, a new iOS application that allows privacy-conscious users to easily and effectively block unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers and even personal phone numbers. Designed to eliminate the increasing problem of spam calls, this simple, noninvasive call-screening technology provides users with the option to either receive convenient spam warnings when a call comes from a number associated with spam, or automatic call blocking of spam numbers, without requiring users to share personal or contact information.

Steer clear of spam calls with Avast Call Blocker

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Avast Call Blocker directly addresses the growing issue of spam calls, while also providing users with the ability to block personal numbers and avoid unwanted conversations. Powered by a unique spam recognition algorithm, Avast Call Blocker:

  • Warns users about spam calls before they answer, or automatically blocks the calls
  • Allows users to create a blacklist to avoid unsolicited calls and conversations from any contact
  • Protects user privacy by relying on an extensive spam phone number database and publicly available information

Instead of requiring users to provide access to their personal or contact information, Avast Call Blocker uses advanced machine learning technology to identify spam numbers which are stored in a growing database of crowd-sourced information and public resources like the Federal Communications Commission database. Avast’s intelligent algorithm detects numbers that are associated with spam and telemarketing activities by looking at their calling behavior, including the frequency and length of calls. We encourage users to report new spam numbers to further refine Avast’s ever-growing database.

“We understand that privacy continues to be a growing concern for people around the world and that there are few solutions available to help them avoid unwanted phone calls,” says Gagan Singh, president of mobile at Avast. “Avast Call Blocker gives iPhone users who are consistently annoyed by spam calls a practical solution to this growing problem. With convenient warnings, automatic call blocking and ‘blacklist’ feature, the app allows users to effectively block any and all unwanted calls — and it does so without sacrificing user privacy.”  

Avast Call Blocker is a premium, subscription-based iOS app that is now in beta and available to iOS 10 users in the US. People interested in joining the beta group can sign up at www.avast.com/call-blocker.

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