Avast Mobile Security for Android gets a perfect score

Charlotte Empey 4 Jan 2018

Avast Mobile Security for Android gets a perfect score

AV-Test, the Independent IT-Security Institute, regularly conducts impartial studies on all leading cybersecurity products on the market. The purpose is to keep consumers aware of what’s performing as promised, and what’s not.

In November 2017, the institute focused on mobile security for Android, and tested 21 best-selling antivirus apps. The study concentrated on protection and usability. Avast Mobile Security for Android received a perfect score (6 out of 6) in each of those categories.

The protection part of the test consisted of two sections. First, the testers injected 3,436 samples of the latest Android malware into the Avast-protected device to test Avast’s real-time detection prowess. Avast detected and blocked 99.9% of those samples in real time. Next, the lab injected 2,643 samples of Android malware discovered within the previous four weeks, and Avast detected and blocked 100% of those.

The usability portion of the test looked at performance and false positives. Performance-wise, the study determined that Avast Mobile Security for Android does not significantly impact the battery life, does not slow down the device during normal usage, and does not generate too much traffic. To gauge false positives, the researchers installed 1,809 legitimate apps from the Google Play Store and 828 samples of legitimate software from third-party app stores. Avast did not issue any false warnings through the process, giving it a 100% perfect score in usability.

The study also made note of several extra security features of Avast Mobile Security for Android, including anti-theft, call blocking, safe browsing, app locking, privacy advisor, and Wi-Fi security.

See all the scores and read the full report for more info. To protect your Android device with best-in-class software, install the Avast Mobile Security for Android today.