3 ways to use your browser to boost productivity

Sander van Hezik 15 May 2020

Use Group Tabs for better organization and a streamlined workflow

Whether you like to have multiple tabs open while you work or you’re a tab minimalist, Avast Secure Browser can help you separate your work tabs from your personal tabs for better at-a-glance organization. It’s easy for our minds to get as cluttered as our desktops when we have multiple tabs open, unsure what we opened for work or what we wanted to keep open for personal use later. A more organized set-up naturally gives us calmer, more organized thoughts. 


How it works

Get yourself and your browser better organized by grouping your tabs, like with like. Here’s how.

  1. Right-click on a tab at the top of your browser screen and select “Add to New Group.” 
  2. Name your Group. You can even use an emoji such as 🗒️or 📊 for your Group name, so feel free to get as creative as you want! Choose names or emojis that make sense to you.
  3. Assign that specific Group a color – you can choose from 8.
  4. Right-click on related tabs and select “Add to Existing Group.” Avast Secure Browser will keep your color-coded Groups together, so no more hunting around for the right tab. 
  5. Your groups will be saved even after you close the browser!

You can also “Ungroup” tabs from each other just as easily – right-click and use the menu or simply drag a tab out of a color-coded Group and into another one. 


So, how can tab grouping boost your productivity? Here are a few ways.

  • Group tabs for work – Group different projects together and color code them in a way that helps your workflow. Red for urgent, orange for on deck, blue for back burner, or whatever makes the most sense to you. With more clarification at a glance, you’ll work faster, more smoothly, and more calmly.
  • Group tabs for personal – Through the course of our day, things can crop up that we want to remember for later. Maybe it’s an interesting recipe, an item we want to buy, or an article we want to read. Whatever it is, create an appropriate label, give it a color, and drag it to the end of your open tabs to look at later. Experience the joy of watching your “work” colors disappear one by one, as you finish and close them, as your “personal” colors remain, promising fun once you get rid of that final red tab.
  • Group tabs to move faster – Watch your pace quicken as you get into a rhythm with your tab grouping. You can even use shortcuts to create your tab Groups. Quickly add a tab to a specific Group just by dragging it into that Group of tabs. It will take on the same color and be added to the Group. You can slide an entire Group of tabs to wherever you want in your tab line by simply dragging the Group name.

Try it out now on Windows or Mac. Get more productive and have fun doing it!

And for more help staying sane during this “new normal,” read our 9 tips to make working from home work best for you. Also, make sure your PC is primed with our handy dandy guide on how to get the most security and performance from your computer when you work from home.

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